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Here are 10 really strange addictions that affect people. Most of these addictions are relatively rare, especially when compared to something as common as drug addiction. Not all addictions are bad; however anything that you go overboard with can be damaging. Here are 10 things that people actually can get addicted to that are really odd.#10. Plastic Surgery AddictionCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shankbone/4594041167/Plastic surgery has become extremely common. Basic plastic surgery procedures have become very common in todays society. There are a few people who get addicted to plastic surgery. They continue to have more and more procedures and it almost always results in a complete and ugly mess for the person who is addicted to plastic surgery. The picture above is of Donatella Versace who many people consider to be addicted to plastic surgery.9. Tanning AddictionCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/patrickkiteley/2718794743/Tanorexia is a rare condition that seems to get more popular. Tanorexia is the addiction to tanning. It can involve tanning in the sun or artificial means such as a sun tanning booth. Tanorexia is not a medical term. Tanorexia is a slang term that has became very popular. When you see the girls that are crispy dark and always appear to be over-tanned they may suffer from Tanorexia. If a girl misses a tanning session and panics then you know they might have this strange condition. Addiction to tanning can also affect men; however the vast majority seems to be women.8. Chicken Nugget AddictionCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spilt-milk/639108699/Recently in the UK a 17 year old girl was admitted to the hospital after she collapsed. Her problem was that she had only eaten chicken nuggets since she was 2 years old. For 15 straight years she ate nothing but chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets can be a part of a healthy and balanced diet; however if you eat nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years then your body will not get all the vitamins and nutrients that it needs.Source: http://www.kmtv.com/news/local/138559494.html7. Television AddictionMany people probably watch more television then they should; however a few people are truly addicted to television. People that are addicted to television are just like drug addicts in that they are very compulsive and will do anything to watch television. Television addicts may become nauseated and shaky of their satellite gets knocked out by the weather and they have no TV to watch.6. Beanie Baby AddictionCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeltelling/46145909/When the Beanie Baby fad was going on there were many people who collected beanie babies. Demand for these stuffed plush toys was amazingly high. There were multiple news reports of people who became addicted to collecting Beanie Babies. At the height of the Beanie Baby fad the prices for some of the Beanie Babies were exorbitantly high. People would mortgage their homes; sell their cars and other valuables in order to be able to afford one of these expensive Beanie Babies. People who were truly addicted to collecting Beanie Babies would stop at nothing to add to their collection.5. Irish Dancing AddictionIrish dancing is a lot of fun to watch. The music and dancing is enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Irish dance clubs have sprouted up all over the United States. For most people Irish dancing is simply a hobby that they are passionate about. For other Irish Dancers the passion can overtake any other activities. If people are truly addicted to Irish Dancing they will skip any and all social events or other activities in order to attend a club practice, a dance competition. Or simply practice their Irish dance skills in the garage.Source:http://www.irishcentral.com/irishdance/The-young-men-addicted-to-Irish-dance-50049762.html4. Scottish Games AddictionThe Scottish Highland Games have spread throughout the world. Many Countries including the United States have their own versions of the Scottish Highland Games. Most of the participants at the amateur level are simply looking to have some fun. Some other participants train year round to improve their skills. A tiny few of them are addicted to their kilt-wearing sport. Those addicted can constantly talk about the games, watch the games, practice the games, and may even pass up a romantic night with their wife in order to watch some Scottish Highland Games on television.3. Video Game AddictionAddiction to Video Games is very common. People who are addicted to video games spend more time trying to reach new levels in the videogame they are playing and not spend any time with their friend or family. Video game addicts may lock themselves up in the basement and play for days at a time. People who are addicted to video games prefer the fantasy http://Trinity-Rae.blogtur.com - Trinity Rae - world of video games to the real world. Why go outside and see whats going on in the world when you can slay a dragon with your Playstation 3 or other gaming system?2. SmokingCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/conbon/409015107/Smoking is very common yet it still has to be included on this list of 0 really strange addictions. What makes smoking so weird is that people know it will kill them yet they continue t smoke. Our Government is so strict and trying to block products that are deadly but Cigarettes are still completely legal. Are the still legal because of the tax money the Government Entities make off of the sales? Is it legal to help with population control? Are they legal because of all the cigarette company lobbyists?Regardless of why smoking is illegal it can be considered really strange to intentionally inhale a product such as cigarettes when it says right on the package that it will kill you and cause you a lot of pain from cancer.1. Belegarth AddictionThe Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is spread out with branches located all wound the United States. Belegarth is a sport where they fight each other using foam rubber weapons. Almost all of the foam weapons, period costumes, and chainmail are built by hand by the participants. A lot of people who participate in Belegarth are extremely passionate about the sport. A few Belegarth participants become extremely addicted to the sport and everything in their life is based around it. If you see someone who always dresses up in ancient styled clothing and always carry a foam weapon then they may be addicted to Belegarth. Belegarth may seem weird but once you understand what is going on it is very fascinating to watch. What is weird are the few individuals who get truly addicted to the Belegath lifestyle.