10 Fabulous Bridal Shower Ideas

Not feeling a shower http://www.myweddingfavors.com/ - http://www.myweddingfavors.com/ - filled with toilet paper dresses and lingerie? A bachelorette bar-hop not your speed? We have 10 fun alternatives for you! Have a day http://www.companyfolders.com/blog/10-commandments-of-working-for-free-as-a-graphic-designer#comment-1182272 - Wedding Favor Ideas - at the spa, cook up a fabulous meal, or get crafting with these unique bridal shower or bachelorette party ideas!Start Slideshow *This post contains affiliate links href='http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/slideshow/bridal-shower-ideas/' - http://www.elizabethannedesigns.com/blog/slideshow/bridal-shower-ideas/ -