10 Dumb Things Folks Do In Relationships

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Thiruganasambandamoorthy not too long ago developed a screening tool for emergency department medical doctors to see whether or not patients who have fainted should undergo more in depth checks or be rapidly discharged from the emergency room. He hopes to use his research to develop an app for first responders and most people to determine if a faint needs to be adopted by an ER go to. But for now, he recommends that if anybody has a history of heart illness, coronary heart assaults, irregular heartbeat, clots in the lung, heart valve issues, multiple medical problems or a family history of people dropping dead at a young age, they go to an emergency room after a fainting spell.
The sad thing is that these folks really feel no disgrace and have no problem flaunting their stupidity. Not only is he overly affectionate with his car but the man goes on national tv to speak about it, and he thinks it's just high quality.
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