1 Electronic Cigarettes: A Brief History

When air is inhaled through the cartridge the battery go!! reacts which then causes the atomizer to produce heat, sending it to the cartridge. Once the cartridge sufficiently heats up, the signature vapor is produced along with the flavorings and nicotine as the user inhales and enjoys the satisfaction of a healthy alternative to the traditional cancer causing tobacco cigarette. citation: 2: What Is An Electronic Cigarette?citation: 3: Research, The Validity Of The Electronic Cigarette This allows for a degree of customization in the electronic cigarette experience and lets the consumer express themselves through the e-cig they choose. The biggest change that manufacturers have made to the original design of the electronic cigarette is the number of parts involved. the original: 1 Electronic Cigarettes: A Brief History So when will the United States follow suit? Electronic Cigarettes as a Smoking Cessation Tool A study completed in the United States by the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health used online surveys to gather information from smokers already using electronic cigarettes. citation: 3: Research, The Validity of the Electronic Cigarette