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The war in Iraq continues to directly affect the lives and thoughts of millions of people around the planet. This community is designed as a place where people can join in an open, mutually supportive dialogue to express their thoughts and feelings about the war.

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  • Currently working with military students who deal with their parents deploying on a regular basis. Does anyone have ways of assisting them, to easy the anxiety?
  • dmac1510

    Home is never the same

    After beening deployed serveral times, each time I return home it feels like alittle bit more has died off. Now that I am out, have been for a few years, then emptiness I feel inside, makes me wonder why I am still here. Very few days do I feel like a human being. Most of the time it is a shell of a person trying to make it to the end of the day, just for the next one to come. A couple weeks...
  • deleted_user

    Home isn't home

    Just got back from 2nd deployment. Girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me while I was there....not adjusting well. How do ya'll deal? Looking to go to Afghanistan in a year again, Marines are my life but I am not getting any younger.
  • longwahom

    Losing Iraq*

    If you didn't see this broadcast recently on PBS, it's an hour and twenty minutes long, but a good unbiased documentary of the war.http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/losing-iraq/
  • Live with my boyfriend of 4 years. We are both divorced. He is retired from the Air Force. He is having terrible nightmares and fears that God may not forgive him for "his part in the war" He is extremely depressed. Searching for help. Can't find a support group in NJ so he moved back to FL to be near his family and the Lake City/Gainsville area where he can get the help he needs. He wants to...
  • I started a long distance relationship 2yrs ago with an ex-military man with SEVERE PTSD/FLASH BACKS and EXTREME alcoholism.The first couple months were weird but tolerable.Then 3 mos into the relationship while sleeping over the phone together,He threated to kill me.My life flashed before my eyes and I thought I was going to be taken out and it was all over.I tried to tell him I want out but he...
  • deleted_user

    being shipped out

    my uncle is being shipped out tomorrow he is going to Iraq and Afghanistan for a year.i wish him luck its going to be so hard not haveing him here for a year i just hope he is safe and everyone else thats going over there with him and everyone thats over there now stays safe i love you uncle
  • deleted_user

    Marine wife. PTSD husband. Help!!

    My husband is an iraq war vet with severe ptsd. Our marriage hasnt been easy. Theres been times hes talked about suicide and left for a couple days after a fight but we always get back together. He usually tells me he loves me and he'd be dead without me. Most of the time our marriage is good. We have a healthy sex life as well. However things set him off... Yesterday was one of those days. This...
  • ArielAngel

    Remember 9-11

    Today is 9-11. 11 years ago on this day Tragedy struck. It was a Day that we will all remember. Its a Day that 40 years from now, we will know exactly what we were doing when we herd the news. I was in Middle School, in my Socail Studies class when I found out. No later did we hear the news, and my Grandmother was there at the school picking me and my brother up from school, and we were going to...
  • deleted_user

    should we bail out GM, Ford ?

    not sure if this is the place to post this or not. But I heard last night on the News if we Let the big 3 die, in a sense it will also impact the military to. so guess I just want to see what others are thinking. Thanks for your input.
  • alive47

    It Is Time to Mourn

    We all Know some of what You have been Through but We don't Know the Worst Parts. How You Made Family & Friends through the Military. You got to know these Special People, You Learned to Trust Them & They Learned How to Trust You, You watched their Backs & They watched Yours. You thought if We get through this it would be a Miracle. You have seen alot more then a Non - Military Personnel will...
  • Thank You for Your Service ( Past, Present & Future ). Dear Lord Please Bless the Men & Women who are Fighting & have Fought for Our Freedoms. Give them the Strenght to Open Up to their Family & Friends about What They Suffered, What Friends & Love Ones they Loss while Servicing Side by Side in their Service for This Country. Give them the Peace that they need to Move on & realize Non of what...
  • My Dad retired in1976 or so as a GySgt in the Marines. To everybody out there Military & Non Military. We need each other to get through all the Pain & Suffering. To the Military Personnel, You are suffering like Hell & You got Family, Friends, Husbands, Wives, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, (Maybe ) Co- workers & Bosses that want to support You. They want to listen, they are hurting too when You...
  • Faultedstars

    Relationship falling apart

    my boyfriend is having problems since he has come back from deployment.....he drinks a lot, doesn't really tell me whats going on with him, easily irritated, etc.I'm trying to be supportive but he is pushing me away. I want to help him...but at the same time he doesn't have a right to keep putting his hands on me......I feel I should stay and be supportive and leaving him would make me a bad...
  • deleted_user


    Even there, on a good day is awful! must be careful always check your 6 to make sure ure ass is still there.. I thought i could talk on this but i cant sorry.