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Cancer of the vulva (also known as vulvar cancer) most often affects the inner edges of the labia majora or the labia minora. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with vulvar cancer, use this community to talk about your experiences and gain support through other people going through a similar struggle. You're not alone

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Black spot on labia minora, So worried!!!

I am 26 years old. Mother of 2.
I had kidney stone removal in May of last year.
In June of last year I noticed a small black spot just outside of the urethra. I thought it could be a bruise from the surgery.

I went to my obGYN and had a pap test last month. (In Feburary) the pap test came back normal. The GYN looked at the black spot and told me to keep an eye on it, that it may just be a bruise or a mole.

It seems to be darker and a tiny bit bigger!!
I am SOOOOO worried!

I measured it to be 4 and a half to 5 MM from top to bottom and about 3 and a half to 4 MM from side to side.

If I were to cut it in half and flip it over it would match up with the other side. (Got this from the ABCD thing)

The edges are a tiny bit blotchy.

It's not really solid black. It's more of a dark gray color.

It is not raised at all. It seems to have a very, very thin layer of clear skin over it.

It is smooth to the touch.

No itching, no anything with it.

I am freaking out because I did a Yahoo search and it came up with Vulva Cancer.
I am going to try to make an emergency appointment this morning with the dermatoligist and see if he can't just go ahead and remove the entire thing in his office.

I am SOOOOOOO worried that this is cancer. Melanoma or something. I even thought about cutting it off myself. I can't stand to think that it might be cancer and is on me. I just want it off!

Do you think it sounds like cancer?
Any suggestions?



I understand you wanting it off. I would suggest that you call your GYN again and let them know that you are concerned. This way they can do a biosopy on it to let you know what you are dealing with. I had surgery on March 20th after being diagnosed with VIN II

Thank you for your reply.
What is VIN ll ?

My GYN doesn't do biopsys. I made an appointment with a dermatologist which is on April 5th. I also made an appointment with a General Surgeon which is on April 1st.

Can you tell me what they do during a biopsy? Since this spot in only 5 mm can't they just go ahead and remove the entire thing?

Thank you

Hello and so sorry you have to be here.

I had a lavender/dark blue spot I found in November. 2 Doctors later who said " doesn't look like anything". I won't go on and on about the poor Doctors I have seen....but I have Squamous Cell Carcinoma Grade 3 positive margins....

I have seen a Dermatologist and an Oncology Gyne and now going to MD Anderson. It is treatable but needs close follow up. Most Doctors do not know much about this.

It could be nothing just a dark spot or it could be something. Do not wait. Be assertive. Ask to have the entire spot removed.

You can do what I did and do a self referral to MD Anderson in Houston. They will also re read your slides to make sure the Pathology is correct..

Let me know if I can help.. Have them take the entire spot off and get a copy of your Path report to keep for your records..... Oleander

I too have a large spot that I am waiting to get checked.... however I am having a lot of other bad symptoms also. How did this turn out ? Have you had it biopsied? Please let us know the results.

so im am so scared because last night i discover the spot on the lower part vaginal opening was grown i to thought it was a bruise because i had sex recently but to my knowledge on my dads side of the family suffer from skin aunt had cancer in her vagina as well she has had Melanoma and i am scared $h*T less right now im making an emegency appiont ment today
please let me know what your out come waws maybe give me some hope that its not

and also i have the same effects as you no itching pain nothing its just there.

It can get confusing. I have a skin cancer in my vaginal area. I have never had any symptoms. So I see a GYN ONC and a Dermatologist. I actually think the Derm knows more about it than the Gyne. I do not have HPV and do not have symptoms of VIN3 as others do. I think they try to clump them all together and the are really different. Just my opinion.

I now go to the Melanoma clinic at MD Anderson and skin cancer clinic. I go for a Colopscopy every 6 months but the Derm clinic is the best for me.

It is a learning process as we go along. I also have a new SCC and Basal Cell on my face and arm. : (

Hope that helps....Oleander

I think I have the same thing? I'm 14 and I'm not sexually active or anything.. It was hard when I first noticed it there, I would squeeze it and blood would come out and it would burn (it would hurt when I st a certain way also) when I did squeeze and it's dark blue/black. I talked to my mom, she said it was a cyst maybe.. It's not hard anymore it's just there.. Nothing comes out when I squeeze it, so now it's just a blue spot the size of a nickle. I Googled it and I got the stuff about the cancer and stuff saying it was an ingrown hair or something with a vein.. But I know what an ingrown hair is and I don't think it's JUST a vein.. I don't want to have to go to an obgyn to a or whatnot :\ did yours turn out to be cancer??
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