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Reading from For Today

How seek the way which leadeth to our wishes? By renouncing our wishes. The crown of excellence is renunciation.
Hafiz Divan

How I struggle to get what I want! Where is that perfect friend, mate, child I so hoped for? What can I do to attain the prestige, power, money and success I feel I deserve? Here, too, the OA program shows me the answer: Though I may think I want all these things, what I really want is to be at peace with myself. No person, possession or acclaim can do that for me. OA's suggestion is: Let go your wishes, turn them over to your Higher Power to grant or not as God sees fit.

An immediate result of renouncing my wishes is that I stop thinking about them. I live in the moment, giving the best thought I am capable of to each task that comes to hand.

For Today: I have complete faith that, as I turn over what I want, God will give me what I need.


Group FounderBubblesDavey

I've had difficulty with knowing what I want (My Heart's Desire).
I've read about not having any wants (desires) so I won't be disappointed.
I struggle with this...isn't goal setting listing what I want.

Okay, perhaps I can make a list of what I NEED.

What I Need:
patience...peace of mind...serenity around food...kindness...

We'll see if this listing of "needs" works.

This excerpt from the reading really hit home with me today "...giving the best thought I am capable of to each task that comes to hand." Most days it is easy for me to pray for abstinence the day at hand, but I often times forget to let God handle other situations for me - giving my best thought leads to me doing the best I am capable of when completing task.
Group FounderBubblesDavey

Hi and welcome chix61.