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Is he or she a sociopath or psychopath? Think we're only talking about serial killers here? Psychopaths, sociopaths and even narcissists come in every walk of life, every career level, and every socio-economic category.

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Quanta Freedom Healing

I would love to hear if anyone has tried the "Quanta Freedom Healing" with Melanie Tonia Evans and whether it's provided you with any relief from PTSD symptoms and/or healing from a pathological relationship?



I am doing her NARC program and love it. But I have always been into mind/body work. I can visualize well. And it does provide tremendous relief for me. It may not be for everyone.

Thanks Dynamical and Heartboken-- does NARC stand for Narcissist Recovery program, btw?
I thought I'd share two techniques that will be incorporated in my therapy sessions with everyone:
Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy -
Emotion Focused Therapy -
I'm sorry I was unable to copy/paste the hyper-link from the websites into my responses--
can anyone share how to do that?

you did it fine lol - the links work.

NARC is the Narcissist Recovery Program!

I bought NARC too. And I have only completed 2 of the Quanta Healing sessions in the program. But, I can say, I CAN tell a difference. I plan on doing more this week. They are long, so you have to set aside about an hour and half.
I have not been a mind/body person; but I enjoy her meditations, and quanta healing.
I find that I feel "stronger" and more centered for a few days after the healing; but I seem to get weaker after a few days of not doing a healing and/or listening to a radio show.

that sometimes still happens to me too. Now I pretty much use them whenever I feel weak on an issue

I need to find time to do one this weekend.... I have had a few off days... feeling blue again.... headed back to down to sad.. and wanting to take the steps to move forward and away from this experience with my S. Want to get "over" him and what I thought was "love"; and want to feel indifferent towards him....

It's been 2 weeks since I did a healing; I need another. I like feeling "normal" and more a peace, like I do after one.
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