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Varicose veins are veins on the leg which are large, twisted, and ropelike, and can cause pain, swelling, itching, aching, heavy legs, and a brownish-blue shiny skin discoloration around the veins. Meet with friendly, supportive people sharing their experiences with Varicose Veins. Real help from real people.

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foot pressure

having my 4th laser surgery on both legs again for varicose veins in 2 weeks. I keep getting new veins on a regular basis and have tons of foot pressure.I cannot stand in one spot for too long and only have relief when I move. Can anyone relate?



Hi, I have leg vein stripping in both legs from top to ankle nearly. Apparently all the suphaneous vein cannot be taken because of nerve damage. My feet are still a problem, pressure in my feet is mainly a problem at night and sometimes pressure in calves as well. Warm weather makes it worse. It is hard to explain this to others having pain in your legs is not well known. I hope yours improve over time. Ruth