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Uterine cancer is cancer of the uterus. It mainly occurs after menopause, and presents with vaginal bleeding. It is the most common gynecologic cancer in the United States, with over 35,000 women being diagnosed each year in the U.S. Meet with friendly, supportive people sharing their experiences with Uterine Cancer.

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Heart Broken

I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer almost 3 weeks ago. My husband and I were seeking infertility treatments and my fertility Dr. did a endometrial biopsy as I had Complex Hyperplasia. A few days later she called us back into the office to tell us the news. I was devastated, not about being told I had cancer but knowing that means I probly was not going to be able to get pregnant. I think I'm still in denial. I went to see the first Gyn/Onc and he told me I would have to have a Hysterectomy and that they would need to remove everything ofcourse I was not ready to hear that and said I wanted to try Hormonal Therapy first but he would not give me that option. I left his office pissed off.

I had my second appt with a cancer Dr. I worked with and and she pretty much told me the same thing. Something I did'nt want to hear. She said it was time for me to start thinking about adopting. I am 41 years old and have no kids. I was hoping she would say I could try Hormonal Therapy but she said that It could be dangerous.

So now I am going to see another Gyn/Onc. I really don't want to have the surgery. I have stage 1. I'm worried about how this will affect my marriage if they are to remove my body parts. How will our sex life be?

This is so not fair and I can't stop crying. I feel so alone even though I know that I am not alone. But I don't want my family or friends to feel sorry for me so when I am around others I act like everything is ok. But inside my heart hurts so bad.

Regardless of having a baby I still want to try Hormone Therapy. Maybe I'm crazy but I still want to try. At this point I think I'm in denial and just can't believe that this is happening. Will the emotional pain ever end :(



I know EXACTLY where ur coming from. I was 36 when I was told about uterine cancer. One of the worst days of my life. All I ever wanted in life was a decent job, a husband, and a baby. I cried for a while,went through surgery, and cried some more. I hope we will be able to adopt but I don't know.it sent me into menopause. I still have hot flashes. With acromegaly and everything else it has really been hard. I just wanted to have what most women want. Would love to talk more. Best of luck to u.


To both of you. As a uterine cancer "survivor" (just had my hysterectomy but I'm 74 years old and have had my children) I can so sympathize with both of you. However, if I had been younger and had not yet had children, I would without a doubt have the surgery and once recovered, immediately pursue adoption. A child who is already born but has no family, NEEDS you and the love you can give it. And you can give it lots of love. Please don't get locked up in the notion that you have to have your own child -- it can turn out to be a difficult proposition just as an adopted child can be. But a child that NEEDS to be loved and cared for is worth having no matter who gave birth to it. Many blessings and good luck to you both.

Hi Caligirl,

I'm so sorry you've been diagnosed with Endo cancer. I'm not sure that anything can take away the loss you're feeling right now-the pain of not being able to have your own baby and losing your female parts, too. It's really NOT fair and your anger is justified.

I think that only time can heal what you're going through. I think that taking hormones could be dangerous for you, though. It could cause the cancer to spread (if it's hormone dependent type). I was diagnosed with Endo cancer stage 1 back in Jan. 2012 and had my Hysterectomy in Feb. I'm 56 and post-meno. I wouldnt' say that my sex life is great but it's not horrible either. I'm actually feeling pretty well now.

I hope all goes well for you with your surgery and recovery. I'm sure it will. That's good that it was found stage 1. You probably will just need surgery and that's all.

Please let us know how you're doing.
Blessings to you!
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