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Urinary incontinence is the involuntary excretion of urine from one's body. It is often temporary, and it almost always results from an underlying medical condition. Stress, functional, and urge incontinence are the most common forms. Share with other support group members and learn from their stories and experiences.

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Giggle incontinence

Hi, I'm new and desperate. I have giggle incontinence. It's very rare and I can't control it. I'm now 14 and have it already 4 years. I told my mom when I was 13. It's something like cataplexy. When I laugh sometimes I pee in my pants and I can't control it. At first I thought it was stress incontinence and I tried kegel exercises. Those helped me stop a flood but it doens't prevent. I went to a urologist and told me I should take Relatine. I didn't but now I take Toviaz, something that strengtens my bladder. At first it worked very wel but then I found out it wasn't away. Sometimes I still have it.
So giggle incontinence is something like stress and urge incontinence at the same time but only when I laugh.
I'm so desperate and sad, does anyone have something like this? :(
(Sorry if my English is bad, I'm from Belgium)



My mother has that problem too sometimes. She always tells me don't make me laugh or I will pee my pants. I have issues with overactive bladder myself and I hate taking anything to help control it because it drys me out terribly bad and causes me to have really bad headaches. I actually underwent an electric shock therapy to help with my bladder. They train you to retrain your bladder wall with kegel exercies but also use a probe that sends shocks to your bladder wall, helping it become stronger and stronger. I used to go the bathroom 30 times a day and now it is a lot less. I was only a teenager too, and I know it can be embarassing. I know you said you tried kegel exercises but what most people think is a kegel exercise is you squeezing your stmoach muscles, I would see a urologist and ask about thse tx's. Good Luck I found some websites about it but the treatment sounded different to what I had done, but essentialy did the same thing.

Hi there, My granddaughter who is 8 yrs. old has had it all her life, and they finally gave her the name "giggle incontinence" and I never thought it wasn't real. Now that I hear you have it, I know it wasn't a made up name, but when she is laughing to hard, she pees her pants. On meds, she is better, but at that age, you hate to start her on meds. When she is going somewhere, like a sleep over, she takes it. then she isn't embarrassed by having to change herself 3 times and have friends laugh at her. So, if the meds work, take them. They told her that she would have it the rest of her life, like they told you. Maybe they will come up with a cure in our lifetime. I know it's got to be tough, especially for you getting so close to dating. But I know that I could be worse, so God has a plan for you, and I just want you to trust in Him. He loves you so much, and will put someone in your life who will be very supportive. Take care sweetie, and if I hear of anything of help, I will let you know. Sylann

Hi Margaux,
I too have giggle incontinence. I am 20 years old now and have lived with this disorder as long as I can remember. When I was your age I also tried kegel exercises but they didn't work. I've been to 2 different Urologist. This first put me on Ritalin, the second put me on Imipramine. Neither medication had much effect. I know how you're feeling. Having this disorder has made me insecure and depressed. Though I am generally a very happy and active person I often feel anxious is social situations and find it hard to be relaxed at school or at work. Mostly I feel very isolated. There is very little research on this disorder and it is very rare. Though there are other people like you and me who know what it's like to live with this. I finally started seeing a mental health counselor in the last couple months. It's been very difficult and painful to work through this issue with her, but ultimately I think it will help me feel more secure and happy. It's not easy through. There is no quick fix for this problem. It's not impossible to live a normal, happy life with this disorder. I've learned this because when I was your age I was very depressed and isolated my self from my family and friends. I wouldn't go to any social events and I rarely had friends over. I was very lonely and miserable. But by working with a counselor I'm feeling a lot better, though I have a long ways to go. I'm more talkative at work and in class, and I hang out with friends a lot more. I have to wear thick pads everyday because anytime anyone cracks a joke I am bound to have an accident. So, it's still not easy, but it is getting better. I've found it very important to do lots of enjoyable things that don't involve being around people who will make me laugh. I love to sing and make music as well as read, spend time with animals, cook goof food, go for walks in nature and take myself shopping.

I have this also band during the best laugh of my life, I started to wet my pants, but I couldn't stop laughing. The harder I laughed the more I peed but the laugh felt so good, I decided to let it flow...and boy did it flow!!!!
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