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Re probiotics and trichotillomania

I read a post from a former member on this forum who said he cured his trich with probiotics. I emailed him about a year ago, and he told me the kind he used but I can not recall the name of them. There are so many kinds of probiotics and at different strenghts. I need to go back and hopefully find his email. I bought some probiotics after I emailed the fellow who cured his trich with probiotics, but only took them a few times. But I am going to give probiotics a serious try this time around, as I need to stop pulling forever. I was at the health food store one day recently, and there was a sign that said "helps with anxiety" next to a bottle of probiotics. My father and I both have anxiety and I am sure it contributes to hair pulling for me. My dad happened to start on probiotics recently, due to having taken antibiotics, and what do you know, his anxiety which was extreme, has disappeared ! I found the article at the link above re probiotics and trich. I hope it is going to work for me, and for you too if you want to try it.



This is the blog from the fellow who used to be a member here, and who cured his trich with probiotics It took him 2 months though, so keep taking the probiotics and don't give up too soon. He told a lady about it who pulled for 20 yrs and she stopped after taking probiotics, but it took 6 mths for her to completely stop. He used a brand from walmart called Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 30 Billion. He took 2 per day. After the pulling urge went away he reduced his dose to 1 per day and continues on this dose. Probiotics are helpful for other health issues also. Good luck to all who decide to try this. I will let you know later if it worked for me. Sure hope so !!
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