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Picking ingrown hairs


I've been hair pulling since I was around 16 and stopped for a year or so, I'm now 23 and continue constantly to pull my hair despite efforts to stop. However that's another story ahha  

More recently I've become obsessed with picking ingrown hairs on my bikini area ( I have very sensitive skin and shaving causes bumps etc. Waxing not so much) even with waxing I've had constant ingrown hairs that I (literally) dig out - causing horrible scars :(

I did a similar thing with ingrown hairs on my thighs until I stopped shaving completely and now my thighs are completely clear. 

I have a few tips. I put sudocrem on at night which is thick and white - the next day I can't actually see the redness of ingrown hairs and am not as compelled to pick (although I still find myself doing so when I wash the Sudocrem off). For a long while I stopped removing my hair down there and just trimmed really short which helped quite a lot as I had no ingrown hairs to pick. 

Does anyone have remedies for reducing the scars ? I'm going on holiday soon and I just want the sores to heal ( I'm going to try my best not to pick between now and then) and the current scars to fade so I don't feel too embarrassed in a bikini :( luckily my boyfriend is really supportive. 

Thanks !