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Hair pulling and skin picking/ dissociation???

Im wondering if these issues that we experience are linked to dissociative disorders. I know that when I skin pick I tend to dissociate to some point, and maybe this is why im drawn to such a habit. It upholds the dissociative feeling. Of feeling zoned out and not caring about anything else. What are your thoughts on such a theory?



hi backtoserenity! I think that's exactly the issue that many people have with this. I always zone out and then i'll look down and realize everything that I've done and it's too late. I have no awareness sometimes that i'm doing it. i struggle a lot while i'm driving. by the time I get home and park, i'll look down at my lap and think "how did this just happen?" I feel like I just need to find a way to become aware of what i'm doing.

I just looked up "zoning out" and "trich" in the same google search and this is something that popped up from a book called Trichotillomania: Epidemiology and Clinical Characteristics...

"...Another phenomenon associated with trichotillomania, in which may affect may play a significant role, occurs in patients who report a dissociative-like state associated with hair-pulling binges. Some trichotillomania patients describe a "tunnel vision" or "zoning out" experience during some episodes in which they're lost in their pulling."

Dissociation is a trauma response. It's a coping mechanism. So does that mean most sufferers of skin picking and hair pulling have a history of trauma? Speaking for myself, my childhood was riddled with emotional abuse along with an unstable and unhappy household environment. I can personally see my behavior being connected to trauma.
Would like to hear from others and their experiences.
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