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I want to make my Body seem more womenly

Beside cosmetic surgery which i dont really like the idea off, does anyone got any good advice on exercises or diets that could help slim my ugly male body into a more feminine shape?



to be honest, there isnt really a to make youself look feminine deit nor excercise regime, since alot of the time when you lose weight you wont just lose it where you want it, and in the end you basiclaly are trimming down your masculine shape not creating a female one. you can try to tone sections of the body such as the waist and legs to try for that niped in look, and sometimes it can work. Hormones will help with a womanly figure, it will help re-distribute your body fats adding weight to your hips n chest n so on. You can buy undergarments that can help for the womanly figure, many sites sell body garments with padding in for extra hips, and also a garment to help nip in the waist. They may be something to condsider.

Well, if youre adverage, its easy to make you look more feminine (this is how you know i hang out with my sisters too much) but if youre overweight, I would try slim fast, I like it cause it tastes good, lol, but that would be the only thing youd be eating. I DO NOT recomend weight loss pills because they are dangerous, and there are way safer ways to lose weight. I myself have only gained weight exorsizing, but my motabilism is different than yours im sure.

but if you do have an adverage figure (or any kind of figure really), try on diffrent styles that might suit you. like try hip huggers if you havent already, and if you have, try high rise/bell bottems. as for shirts, if you have a bra that looks like a natural size on you, you should get a few that are form fitting and that are as low as your waste. Horrizontal stripes might help, but you should eperiment first, with horrozantle, diagonal, and vertical stripes. Anouther shitr styl that might help is the kind that hugs the this one but with short sleaves instead of sleveless and doesnt have a v neck but instead a square neck (which should almost remind you of renassanse almost):
If youre really worried about it, try this kind of jacket (I forget what its called):,0,118,16965,335,500,2aae1add.jpg
That kind or even one that falls all the way to the waist, it would hide youre figure and give the illusion of a feminine figure until you get the body you want, but if youre on hormones, I would imagine that would help some.

But like I said, you should experiment by trying on alot of clothes in a store and see what you like best. I had to do that when my sister took me shopping for guys clothes (I hate shopping)

well, let me know if that helps any

Hello. You don't really give any hints on what parts about you are ugly and what parts you would like to feminize. Healthy eating and exercise keeps the body in good shape. If you don't take care of yourself now, surgery will only put a bandaid on your body.


Transforming a male physique into a more feminine physique requires discipline along with some knowledge in herbs and

First, forget about surgery and the like. Because your body is constantly changing over time with age and as a result a former surgery can become grotesque and deforming. And there is the embarrassment of discovered props and such that are actually a huge turn-off. Better is a natural, holistic approach, which will transform your body over time without unappealing effects.

Personally, when I began transforming my physique, I was aiming for more feminine nuances, rather than a full transformation.
I have found this to be quite successful in alluring a desired male mate. My body, although male, has subtle curves in the right places which are a powerful turn on for certain men, especially the ones "sitting on the fence" so to speak, who lean more towards a more feminine physique in a male.

To acheive this transformation, the ideal body type to begin with is slim to atheletic. If you are over weight or have large boned skeletal frame, then I would suggest just working towards improving your inherited male physique.

Physical Exercises: My daily execise regiment consists of the following; #1) 100 Squats. Squatting accents several important
muscle groups including thighs, calves and buttocks. Your body weight is sufficient in toning these areas and if done on a daily basis does not require weight lifting. When transforming to a feminine body type you want to "tone" not "rip" muscle. This is critical, otherwise you will just end up with a more masculine look. If you have never done repetitive squats then you will need to build up to the desired reps gradually over time. Start with say 20 and work your way up daily . #2) 50 Scissors (each leg). Lying on your side, look down your body and make sure it is straight before you begin. Now simply lift your leg up as high as you can in line with your body and then back down repetitively. This works on two main muscle groups, your inner thighs and most importantly your hips. Well shaped, sexy hips are a huge turn on for most men. I have added 3 inches to my hips with this exercise. #3) 100 Rump Lifts. A sexy butt compliments sexy hips. Although all female
transformation excericises are important, having a cute round butt is key to enticement. A flat ass is very unappealing to most men. Again, you will need to work up to these, say 50 reps to start with per day. Begin by lying your back with your knees raised and then lifting your abdomen as high as possible repetitively. You will begin feeling a burning in your butt muscles with each repitition. I suggest starting out with 50 daily and working your way up. #4) 100 Crunches. Nobody likes doing crunches, but a narrow waste is an absolute must for feminine transformation and compliments wider hips and nicely shaped round butt. Most men have a waste that is a wide as their hips, however having a narrow waste is a feminine characteristic and critical in acheiving results. I suggest doing 4 sets of 25 daily. Simply lie on your back, placing your
arms at your sides with your knees raised, pull your knees up toward your chest repetitively. Resist using your arms for support leverage and focus on using your abs. Some suggest placing your hands on your chest. Either way works fine. #5) 100
Pushups / Curles. OK, alot of emphasis has been placed on transforming the male upper body to female through estrogen therapy and surgery. However, I have found this to be quite unneccesary. When combined with weight loss, you can acheive a very sexy rounded chest without compomising surgery or body chemistry. I have acheived this through a combination of pushups and weights interchangebly with weight loss. The result is an upper body much akin to a teen girl, which again is subtle in
appearance while wearing clothing. I have found that most men are more turned on by a nicely developed lower body feminine
form than upper, with accents more focused on the waste, hips and buttocks. So simply having toned, rounded pecs are
sufficient. Again, we are going for feminine subtely here, not a full blown transformation. Monitoring your calorie intake is key, so as not to create a buffed male upper body form. I interchange pushups and high rep arm curles with light weights every other day, which in combination with low calorie intake yeilds a slim but toned upper body. #6) 500 Facial Lifts. Your face, namely your cheek muscles are important towards acheiving a more feminine facial appearance. I do 100 face lifts in between each of my body reps. To do this, simply raise your cheek muscles as if you are smiling, repetitively. Over time you will see a gradual rounding of these muscles giving you a healthy rounded feminine facial appearance.

Nutrition Supplements: Nutrition and certain beauty products are essential in achieving a more feminine appearance. And I cannot emphasize enough how valuable nutritional foods and
supplements are in acheiving your goal. Let's face it, healthy is
sexy. My daily nutritional and beauty regiment consist of the following: #1) Green Tea. Much has been discovered about the
health benefits of Green Tea. It is the most powerful, natural anti-oxidant available. An oxidant, otherwise known as a "free radical" is the primary cause of aging. Oxidants invade our bodies everyday from our surrounding enviroment and certain other
unhealthy habits such as smoking. I have been drinking Green Tea daily, througout the day and the results have been quite
amazing. It gives you very healthy, clear, glowing, more youthful looking skin. Also, it helps you retain more vigor through a workout regimine as it contains moderate amounts of caffeine. Avoid coffee, as it contains toxins which muddy and dehydrate your skin. #2) Omega 3. Flaxseed Oil pills contain copious amounts of Omega 3 fatty oils which contribute towards a more youthful, glowing skin and prevent gradual dehydration which is a tell-tale sign of aging. I take 2 capsules a day and the results have been astounding. Avoid fish oil pills as they have a short shelf life and can turn rancid, also they can contain mercury. #3) Multivitamin Supplements. Unless you have deep pockets and can afford to buy individual supplements, I suggest a good multi-vitamin such as Centrum, which is sufficient. Taking a multi-vitamin daily ensures that you will be getting all of the inner beauty nutrients your body needs to maintain a healthier looking you. #4) Vegan Diet. A strict fruit and vegetable diet yeilds great results in a more youthful appearance and higher energy levels. However, what alot of people fail to mention is supplementing a Vegan diet, which excludes animal proteins, with Amino Acid supplements. Your body requires essential Amino Acids that you cannot acquire from fruits and vegetables alone. A monthly supply of essential Amino Acid supplements are relatively inexpensive and will save you alot of money spent on animal products and can be purchased from
your local nutrition store. Animal fats, injected hormones, microbial pathogens and such, which come frome eating these
products, causes aging and other physiological problems. #5) Rest. A good nights rest is paramount for more youthful, sexier
appearance. Excercise and rest work hand in hand. A good vigorous daily workout, along with a healthy diet will have you
sleeping like a baby and waking up to a more sexy, beautiful you. #6) Colloidal Silver. Finally, if you are sexually active, I highly suggest Colloidal Silver, which has been proven in laboratory tests to kill all known pathogens, including HIV. Personally, I do not need laboratory tests to confirm this, as I am a living testimony to its effectiveness. Yes I was diagnosed HIV+ five years ago and now I am HIV- and healthier than ever thanks to this wonderful technology! But don't take my word for it, read first and then try it for yourself. However, beware of the blogs posted by doctors and/or Big Pharma, as they are in bed together and try to poo-poo such claims with scare tactics. Colloidal Silver is non-toxic and perfectly safe. It can be purchased from various nutrition stores. I suggest Siver Biotics which is an excellent silver product and the first
to be approved by the FDA and is available at most GNC stores.

Beauty Products: I am certainly no expert on this subject, however I have learned that using the following beauty products have dramatically improved my appearance; #1) Facial Scrubs. Over time your face can build up with dead skin cells, giving you a dry, aged look. Facial scrubs such as St. Ives removes these dead cells revealing new youthful, radiant looking skin beneath. Simply doing this once a week has greatly improved my appearance. #2) Bath Oil Beads. A big turn on for men is smooth, silky skin. The moment he cuddles with you in bed, he won't resist carressing you. This, in combination with Green Tea and Omega 3 supplements will yeild truly beautiful, sexy skin. Plus, a hot warm bath before bedtime helps you sleep deeply and awaken to a more beautiful you. #3) Desenex Shampoo. OK, nobody likes medicine smelling shampoos. However, one of the causes of thinning hair have been linked to scalp funguses which are quite common. Desenex and Selsun Blue both kill these funguses keeping you with a fuller head of hair throughout your life. I suggest using a medicine shampoo twice a week.

Other Tips: #1) Drugs. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. Of course, there is nothing wrong with letting your hair down and enjoying a few social beverages, but moderation is key here. Nothing will age you faster and make you more undesirable
than a regular use of these substances. Alcohol dehydrates your skin significantly and ruins all of your hard work. So again, watch your poisons! #2) Unsafe Sex. Unless you have a significant man in your life that is disease free and trustworthy, I stress using condoms when having casual sex. Although Colloidal Silver has been proven to kill most pathogens, it is wiser to be safe than sorry when it comes to sex.

NOTE: Should you have any questions concerning more detailed information about this subject matter, please feel free to email
me at

Its going to take time and self discipline as for cutting back on eating/dieting, and exercise is also a requirement (avoid lifting heavy objects) which might cause the muscles in the arms to build up. Additional comment, maybe wearing a Gretel might help in the waist area to give the body that slightly hour glass shape, okay focusing my thought back on the Gretel, don't plan to put it on too tight that it effect body's the digestive system.

Your best bet would be to ask your doctor, (he or she) would know how your body would react to such diets and excersize. That would be your best bet. Reason being you could be doing more damage than good.
People do not realize that without the proper professional counciling they can do more harm than good when it comes to diets and exercise. Talk to your doctor.. This does not only apply to people who want to transition but to everyone who wants to tone thier bodies..


I would like to add, you will hear other people tell you to try this and that but be forewarned that everyones body chemistry is different so what might work for them, might not work for you , which can lead you into the ICU at your local hospital ... Just something for you to keep in mind ,, I would not want to see someone end up thier. It is like you hear about cheerleaders the girls would go on some kind of a diet only to find them in the hospital later.. the only thing I can say is to


Hi Danielle,

Pretty name. With all due respect, it's not necessary to consult a doctor on every matter. Knowledge about diet and excercise can be attained on your own. Besides, doctors are expensive, and how many people actually afford a personal physician? I don't think anyone here is suggesting anything extreme. Too add, doctors and Big Pharma killed my mother with toxic pills and nearly killed me as well. They're in bed with one another and it's all about money. I say, do your own research, be in tune with your body and rely on the natural cures that God has provided. Never put your fate in another's hands.

Purchasing some women magazines that relates to fitness and other health issues might be of help to you. Good luck
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