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FTM STP(Stand To Pee)

Hey ladies and gents ,
I have been recently been thinking about purchasing a STP device that can also be used as a packer.I know where to find them and all that but I have never used anything like a peeing device so it's a new thing plus Im still "PRE T".I wanted to start out with something realistic. (Im getting them from this source most likely)

My problem I faced is that I have no Idea what style to get. There's two that I know of there's "Stand To Pee Packer : Nipple Style" and Stand To Pee Packer : Medicine Spoon Style.I don't know which one is easier to use.? Then I run into question of what "Size" to purchase .I know the sizes rage from 3-5 inches but I would want to get some thing TOO BIG

I have considered that all bodies are different and they may or not work for everyone,but I guess getting some more advice or info on these devices would help me further.Any help that someone can give me?



Okay... So when I was in this point I was sooo confused I actually got a little gutsy. I drove up to Milwaukee and went into the Tool Shed. This mean that I pretty much have seen all the models side by side, and then given the option to pick one while being given advice and helped out by the clerk.

The clerk and I reached a very strong mutual conclusion about the whole nipple verses spoon thing. It is said that if you are a bigger man down there that you are better off with the spoon model and if not you should go with the nipple. I have no experience using the spoon, but I do know that the spoon is hard plastic and the nipple is softer. It was the clerks opinion that the spoon would be more uncomfortable to walk around in your pants with. Do any of you out there have said experience? the other thing is that the spoon is harder to master because you have to learn to get the positioning just right with the nipple you have more of a positioning window and can thus be slightly off the mark and still have the device work.
Now when I asked for advice on picking out just a packer, the advice was to go small. That is more realistic if you go small. Now when you see all the colors and all the sizes lined up in a row next to each other I definitely saw that although there are design flaws in the smaller one (the balls are disproportionally to big on the ex-small) it was more of a comfortable fit for me at least.
Something you also need to know which they fail to mention...when you take a packer and stick the plumbing through it, the packer stretches out some what. So if they advertise that they used a 3.5' packer to make the device your packer will now be 4'. This may seem like no big deal, but if you go for the extra largest model out there, the 6.5', you will wind up with something that could be pretty much 7' long :P (Yes I know to some of you out there this seems like a very big perk of the situation).
So what I did was go for the smallest thing out there. This would seem to be a logical thing. I have also found that with the smaller model it is hard to use because the actual device is shorter I have difficulties figuring out a way to hook it up through a pair of boxer briefs,and have only had success with it by pulling every thing down:P

I could never get the hang of the medicine spoon type, The catcher just isn't big enough. So I use an ordinary 3.5" soft packer, push a hole through it (a pointy chopstick works well for this) and push the nozzle of a Whiz ( through it. It's a bit too long so I trim the end off the nozzle to fit. The Whiz is soft plastic and comfortable enough that it can just stay in your pants. After a while it gets a bit squished and won't spring back to its proper shape, but you can revive it by putting it in boiling water and re-shaping it while it's still hot. You need to sterilize both the Whiz and the packer regularly anyway, to avoid bacteria and bad smells.

fixing the link:

very helpful. cuz ive been trying to find a website for ppl who are transitioning. and this is something im gunn really look into, kinda confused on where to put it lol but yea i have no idea what any of acronyms mean like FTM, STP and any other ones out there. but thank for posting this, as a person that is considering changing my sex it was helpful
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