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Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ syndrome, is an acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the lower jaw to the skull. The disorder and resultant dysfunction can result in significant pain and impairment.

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?'s about wisdom teeth removal with TMJ

I have TMJ really bad and my mouth does not open very wide. I have 3 wisdom teeth that are most of the way through. One of them is only a couple of pieces left and they other one thats only out a little bit has turned black. (I take really good care of my teeth which is not obvious) Half of my molars are on their way to this same fate since my fillings have been worn down to nothing. I know I need to have them out and then get the rest fixed but I'm curious if it's going to leave my pain in a worse condition. I've read that heavy dental work has made people have TMJ. I am not in pain management because there are no places to go here and I could not stand pain to be any worse. I can't pay for these procedures either so I would have a go to a dental clinic and they would not be able to put me to sleep and I'm sure they arent going to give me something that would begin to help with the pain. So I guess I'm just looking for some advice on what to do. I know I have to do something.

I was also wondering how they go about opening your mouth to do the work..Do they force it open? My outer band that holds my TMJ together is already torn so I would think that would tear it even more.

Sorry to have gone on. I just really don't know what to do about this and I'm desperate for advice.



I'm soooo sorry you going through this. I don't have a lot of advice. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you.

Be sure to let them know of your condition and tell them to be gentle.

If your TMJD is muscle only, they may be able to give you a muscle relaxant to help with opening your mouth.

Good luck!

Whaletalk, thank you for your support..Unfortunetely it's not just the muscle the disc is degenerative and dislocated so I guess that complicates things more..Hopefully I will figure something out really soon..

Take care
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