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Warning: Potential Scam

Hi guys

The post below just appeared on the UK board (RNID). Naturally Guido is not know to us, so I'm politely asking Guido questions. Of course this looks like a dead ringer for those criminals at Yale Audio (if you remember them). However, the Healtone site does quote the involvement of a physician Dr.Galina Maralina. And there are now specific "healing sounds" for Cancer & AIDS !!!!

The site has all the hallmarks of a totally crooked venture, but I'll wait to hear from the good Dr before passing final judgement.

Here's the post:


My name is Guido. My Tinnitus started right after I received harsh antibiotic infusion treatment two years ago.

Since then it never left me till a month ago. I got a link from a friend of mine recommending sound frequency tratment.
. It sounded weird to me, but since nothing else helped I downloaded it and started listening for five minutes twice daily.
At first it did not help at all, but after a week I noticed that I had long pauses in my hums & beeps. After two more weeks the Tinnitus stopped completely.
Since then it never returned.
The website is called www.healtone.com
One can obtain the Tinnitus sound frequency here:

http://www.healtone.com/english/Product.aspx?Product=1055&Category=34 (external link, opens new browser window)



Probably one of the more entertaining legal disclaimers - and boy have we seen some. Check out point 5. I'm not even sure that's a complete english sentence. Are they basically, we're using the term "Cancer" but not in its medical context??????

This is Not a Medical WEB site

According to certain laws and governmental regulations in certain countries, relating to holistic and alternative approaches, we are obliged to state the following:

None of the information present here is of a medical nature and should not be treated as such.

HTSF is not a medical or mental treatment. Under no circumstances, should it be used as a substitute for conventional health care, especially if you have specific symptoms that have been diagnosed by a physician and if treatment has been recommended. You should never disregard medical advice or delay seeking it based upon something you have read or seen at healtone.com.

The HEALTHTONE Sound Formulas (HTSF) website refers to the commonly used names of diseases, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, ASL, etc, only in relation to their sound frequencies, and is absolutely not of a medical nature.

The HEALTONE Sound Formulas (HTSF) offered here for sale serve for frequency balancing only.

If you suffer from any medical illness or condition, we strongly recommend that you consult a physician or health professional.

Copyright 2007-2008 HEALTONE LLC All rights reserved.
Please do not repost or retransmit the content of this page.

The physician quoted on the Healtone site is:

Dr.Galina Maralina

Apart from one very old reference to an academic article. Guess what? Nothing else apart from a multiple listings on an "International dating scams" site where a person called Galina Maralina is a very, very prolific russian-bride scammer ! ! !

Thank you for the warning LondonJason. I went to RNID, started on the post for healtone.com and followed all the threads about yaleaudio.com. As you know, it ran for awhile on RNID then crossed over to Daily Strength. It sounded like the members of both forums cut this guy absolutely no slack to the point where the site was closed down. It was both an eye opening experience and entertaining at the same time. In fact I got a few good laughs out of the deal and forgot about my T for awhile. Its hard to comprehend how people can pray on someone elses misery and desperation and then sleep at night. God has a special place for people like that. At least thats what I like to believe as it makes me feel better. My money is on potential scam, but Ill keep an open mind and look forward to what you find out about healtone.com and how they answer the questions you posted on RNID. My mom died of cancer a few years ago and my wifes aunt has multiple sclerosis and to my knowledge neither one has ever experienced sound frequencies. I mean, what the hell is that all about? I thank you for watching out for us and continuing on your endeavor to disclose a wolf in sheeps clothing.

The following people write supporting technical documentation on www.healtone.com

Brian Ramis
Brad Toynbee DSc
Ron Samuels

NONE OF THESE PEOPLE EXIST. Just like Dr Galina Maralina.

I have contacted healtone.com for confirmation but it is now clear these fraudsters are praying on people; trying to sell them mp3s to cure tinnitus, cancer and AIDS.

Give me strength: Is this how far the human species will go just to make a few bucks at the expense of desperately ill people? Depressing!

I have registered www.healtone-scam.com and I'll string together a link to these pages when i get a chance. Of course the directors of the company may reply but i think there is 0.00001% chance

Thanks Jason for your hard work in investigating these people!! It is appreciated!!!!

DITTO from me ..Nick...

This message is for all forum members.
Jason (London) joined this forum on Oct 2008.
Since then he has not sent a single post related to Tinnitus.

He writes here only against what I see from my own experience as the best Tinnitus cure that exists today.

Jason keeps on posting personal insults towards those who share their experience about Tinnitus treatments. He himself admits here that he has done the same thing in another Tinnitus forum and has insulted the members there as well.

My only conclusion is that Jason has no interest in Tinnitus whatsoever.

None of us are interested in tinnitus, Amro. We dont want nothing to do with tinnitus. In fact Amro we'd like nothing more than for you to have all of our tinnitus accumulated and stuck in your head Amro. It is our rite to warn eachother about possible scams Amro. Is that russiam for Amway?


A small correction: A simple search on my user name will yield that I have infact posted on one hundred and thirteen (113) discussions on this board alone and written 5 journal entries.

I am, very simply, widely known to most others on this board so your note is entirely wasted.

I am also a prolific poster on RNID, hypothyroidism and eyefloaters websites (links available on request).

Enough said.

Go Jason, Go Jason......

Hey Mandy

I am glad to hear about your operation. How is your recovery going? What movement do you have and are you going nuts watching 'cash in the attic' (the americans wont really get that one) :)

By the way, that quiet T period you had with your meds...it convinces me ever more that we'll have a full scale cure soon. And it's probably going to be found by accident like all the best cures by someone precisely in the situation you describe.

Good luck.

Hi Jason,

getting there slowly with the recovery. A bit more painful than the other one last year.

Not so keen on Cash in the Attic, Homes under the Hammer and 60 minute makeover ! ha NOT!

I would say climbing the walls the walls but that metaphore is not really a good choice.!

Yes the meds thing, I agree, I do honestly think if it's going to be a drug rather than electronic equipment then I think it may happen by chance. When I go for my check up in 6 weeks, I will ask what was given. The thing is as well, when I had my Thyroid removed in Jan, the next day was also silent but only for 1 day. Coincidence? Maybe but if I find out that a particular drug was given during both ops....well you never know.

I'll keep you all updated.
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