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TRT-Dr. Jastreboff-Carol Lee-Confused??

Just got done reading an article that interviews Carol Lee who wrote a book about tinnitus. In the article she states TRT therapy actually lowers the volume of your tinnitus.

With the help of maskers you are over a period of time to actually lower your tinnitus volume to the point where it is hard to hear it. Now i'm really confused about TRT.

Have been confused about it for over 10 years. Have never tried it for that reason. Confusing. Other people say TRT does not lower the volume. Well which is it? Is it possible to ever get a straight answer to this?



Simply can't believe how non-active this forum is. Pretty bad.

John, 17 years ago when I staed TRT, my T almost went away completely.

It does work. I believe that your T needs to me somwhere between a 2 to 6, for it to start to be effective, with in a 6 month to 1 year period.

Anything over a 6 could take many years before you start seeing results.

When my hearing got worse, my tinnitus came back on me.

I have been using TRT again, but it is a very slow moving process this time, becuase my T is allot worse.

I checked into TRT several years(12??)ago and I was very confused about it. At that time there were very few people who were trained to do it. I remember being told it would not lower the volume but change your thinking of it where it would not be a problem. I should have given it a try. I hope success for you. Thanks for your input. John

John, my T pitch isnlower, but IDK if it's from the TRT or the seizure meds I take. It's still high, but not crazy-high like when I first got it. Maybe give it a try?
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