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sinus tinnitus...

Is there such a thing? Can swollen sinuses from an infection or allergies cause ringing or hissing in your ears? I have a constant sinus headache and hissing or ringing here and there at times.

I have been to two ENTs and mentioned the hissing to each of them. The first sounded shocked like he'd never heard of it before and had an audiologist in his office do hearing tests and some test to see if there is a tumor by your ear or something and all was normal. I was surprised he was so surprised to hear about the noise, it sounded like it was very uncommon to him. He also did a CAT scan and there was no sign of sinus infection but it sure feels like there is one.

The second ENT I went to last week is treating me for allergies after seeing the report of the CAT scan. On Flonase, Singulair and Claritin and he said give it a month and come back. If the headaches don't go away and I don't feel better, he will do allergy testing and see if I need shots.

I mentioned the hissing to him and he asked a couple questions asking me to describe it, etc. but kind of dismissed it as well.

Can sinus swelling cause this? I hated my first ENT because he was kind of an ass and the second I came into the office saying I thought I had a sinus infection he seemed out to prove me wrong right away. This new guy is okay, but I also wonder about him since he didn't react to the hissing and didn't even suggest a second CAT scan or antibiotics.

So frustrated and a little freaked out. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.



Hi enfieldguy,

I have cronic sinus and have had five surgeries over the years for nasal problems. I also am allergic to the world both inside and out.

And yes, I do think there may be a connection. When I have sinus, my T is worse. I know it has something to do with the pressure in the ear which the sinuses can cause. Maybe it did cause the T.

I am on two of those meds and they do help if you are patient.
Flonase takes some time to work, it is a form of steriod. It does help me with the allergies. Claritin is great for instand relief of being stuffed up and for sneezing. I do not take Singulair, however I know it is used for asthma and probably allergies in general.

I hope these will work for you, and you get better soon.

A big hug to you,

I'm no doctor, but yes, I believe swollen sinuses can cause tinnitus. I don't know if allergies can cause it. But after reading your ENT experiences I'm not so sure :-/ I'm also sorry and surprised to hear your experience with the doctors. Definitely switch doctors if you don't like the ones you have.

An audiologist can test your hearing. They can also do so-called sound matching where they try to determine the pitch and volume of the sound you're hearing. The audiologist may say that this test isn't terribly useful which is probably true but it doesn't hurt to know the exact sound you're experiencing.

Hi Sandy, glad you told me the Flonase takes time to work. It's been a week and I still have the same constant sinus headaches I had when I started.

Ever try a neti pot? I used one two nights ago with fair results and then last night with good results. Actually felt better this morning, less ringing and my sinuses were loose and not stuffed and compacted.

Then I did it again today and I think I did it wrong. Right after I had a major headache and big time ringing and now it feels like I got salt water up my nose (like a big wave crashed on me in the ocean and you get water up your nose) so I don't think I irrigated correctly. Now I am suffering for it. Gonna try it again tonight and hope I do it right.

Sinuses are a tricky thing. I'm also going to use diluted water this time, just read that using tap water can make things worse because of the chlorine in it. Fun.


I had a hearing test by an audiologist back in April when the ringing first started and I apparently passed with no problem which was a surprise to me since I could barely hear the lowest and quietest sounds. Then he did a test where they send sound waves or something into your ear to see if they bounce back, I guess as a way to see if there's a tumor or something. Not sure but the audiologist was a really nice guy, the ENT sucked. And my new ENT I'm not that confident in as well.

It feels like I have a sinus infection but my PCP won't give me antibiotics anymore since he sluffed me off on the ENT and the ENT won't because of my clean CAT scan in April.

I just want something that will knock this out.

I too get a lot of sinus problems, they occasionally cause a spike in my T but usually it goes away pretty fast. I would suggest Flonase to you and also a Neti Pot, which has personally been working very well for me in clearing out my nose and keeping the nasal passages open. Just google it for the information and you can get them for about 15 bucks at CVS.


Wow, this thread tells my story almost exactly.

Started with sinus headaches, or what felt like sinus headaches... some mild nausea along with them.

Then, the doctor gave me a steroid nose spray and Singulair. (Here's where my story takes a turn.)

I had a violent reaction to that combination, ended up in the hospital with what they called panic attacks. (I had never had any panic or anxiety until this medicine... and I'm 42.)

I've spent the last 8 months trying to overcome the anxiety, which lasted a few weeks after the meds.... but then came back, I'm told because it was a trauma to my system.

Somewhere in there, the T started for me. Oddly, I don't worry about it much. The anxiety has given me enough other health problems that the T is secondary.

That said, I'm still getting the sinus headaches. I'm convinced it's an allergy to something, but the standard pin-poke-tests didn't really show any major reactions to the usual suspects. Don't know if it could be a food allergy, or something else. But, aside from the anxiety part... I find it interesting that some other people have had a similar experience.

I'd love to get to the bottom of this sinus issue. I can't take meds for it, really... so symptom control is sort of out of the question using modern western meds. But, if I could pinpoint the cause, I might be able to make other changes.

Anyway, would love to hear some updates on any of these stories, and any additional similar stories or ideas.


Oh, and I should probably clarify that I've also seen multiple ENT's... who said I had no infection, only mild nasal inflammation and a CAT only showed "minor" nasal cysts.

So, essentially... they have no idea.

Just curious... those of you who have T as a result of sinus issues. Does yours wax and wane? Mine seems to get better when the sinus issues settle down for a while, and get worse when I have a sinus attack.

Just curious of anyone has the same experience?

My tinnitus started after having sinus infection. CT Scan showed sinus infection and when I got that cleared up my tinnitus began.
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