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Ambien, Remeron, Please Respond Looking for Advice

Is Ampien 10mg (Zolpidem) and Remeron(Mitazapine) 10mg ok to take
together? Is Remeron safe by itself? Will the both of them or either one continue to damage my ears?

Usually when I take Ambien my t stops for a little while. I know this is because Ambien is a GABA agonist. Any ideas how to get GABA in my brain without using Ambien. I know the blood/brain barrier is a problem.

I see a lot of post on here about meds that may work. How about Tegretol?
Does anyone have any info about any med that a doctor will prescribe?



I take Ambien and it never stops my tinnitus. Don't know any answers to any of your questions. The weekends are usually slow so give it time.

There are also various treatment protocols that may help to manage persistent tinnitus and should be started only after specialty evaluation.

Medications -- anticonvulsant agents such as carbamazepine (Tegretol) and diphenylhydantoin (Dilantin) may diminish tinnitus by suppressing hyperreactivity within the auditory system.[1]Antianxiety agents such as diazepam (Valium) help the patient manage stress related to the health problem.

Remeron is and excellecent medicine. And you right about Ambien.

I know a Doctor that prescribes both, to a person who has Tinnitus.

Take ambien 3 times per week ... It is safe on the long term and you will avoid tolerance... In between try unisom , or rozarem, melatonin ... You you can take one day one med that work on GABA and onther day different med that work on H1 or M1 and M2 and that will helpd you to avoid tolerance.

I could not imagine taking Ambien and Remeron both in the same day. Remeron knocked my butt out for about 12 hrs. the one time I took it. You have to be careful taking things that cause respiratory depression. I personally would run that combo by a doctor. My tinnitus used to be quieted by Ambien after I took it. Shut it right off and I was in heaven and would even stay up past the time that I should just to enjoy the quiet. I weaned off it in 2009 and had to start taking it again because I dont sleep well. It now doesnt work that well for me. I dont go right to sleep on it, and it takes the edge off my tinnitus but not like it used to. Follow the post about Tegretol and talk to your doctor. You never know what might work. We are all seeking solutions. Judy
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