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How do you make yourself go to sleep on time?

What tricks do you use if you know its the time you'd like to be in bed, and know it would be healthy to be there, but are having insomina/anxiety, other interferences?
What do you do? I'd love to learn.



Hi there,

I'm not an expert on sleeping, but this is my method:

I get up each day at the same hour. Even on weekends, no matter what, I get up. At night I go to sleep when I feel tired.

When do I now I'm too tired? When I can't read 2 pages of a book without losing focus.

Also, at night, try to avoid bright screens, like the tv or the pc. I prefer reading a good book :)

Sleep tight!

I have endured insomnia for over 20 years, but I have learned a few things that help me get a good nioghts sleep most days...

1. Environment: Your bedroom should be dark and quiet. Use heavy blockout drapes if you can. Keep the temperature at around 18-20 degrees (celcius) - sleep with some fresh air coming in during the warmer months, and air your bedroom daily during the cooler months whenever possible. Keep the room as dust free and clutter free as possible. NO computers, televisions or other distractions in the bedroom (tough, I know but they are highly stimulating).

2. Avoid stimulants such as coffee in the 8-10 hours before you want to go to sleep. Keep your stimulant intake to a minimum at all other times. I used to drink over 20 cups of coffee a day - and slept about 4 hours! Now I have no more than 3 coffees and never after 1pm.

3. Wind down before going to bed. Avoid late night television, video games,, and rigorous exercise in the hour or two before sleep time.

4. Get into a routine as much as possible. Go to bed at the same time every night - about 8 to 8.5 hours before you need to wake up. This can be difficult if you are a shift worker - I used to work 2 10 hour days, followed by 2 14 hour nights, then 3 days off. This messes with your body clock and it is almost impossible to get a routine going.

5. Clear your mind. Try this when you get into bed; think of 3 things that you accomplished durng the day - it can be anything positive; I remembered to take out the garbage, I helped someone without being asked, etc... - acknowledge yourself and what you have done. Avoid any negative thoughts - if they do creep in, say "Yeah, but..." and go back to the good stuff. Never dwell on what you didn't get done - those things will still be there tomorrow and you can deal with them then - right now you need to have a good night's sleep so that you can get stuff done!

6. Meditate to sleep. Close you eyes and think of nothing. It can be a bit difficult, but nothing usually looks, feels, sounds like.... well nothing I guess ;) . Seriously, clear your mind by thinking about what nothing means to you. As you do, you will feel your mind start to drift and wander this way and that as you feel yourself getting drowsier. Or you might feel drowsy but wake up with the realisation that you went to sleep without even realising that you were doing exactly what you needed to do. *You can actually recite this to yourself, but it is better to just think about how this will work before you go to bed and then let your mind do the work without you consciously trying to do it. When you get good at this technique you will start to experience pictures and you can explore your unconscious mind a little. Really quite fascinating and something I have been doing for many years when I have trouble getting to sleep.

I hope this few little hints help you out. Let me know if you try/have tried any of these and what your experiences were.
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