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This community is dedicated to those who have been impacted by a stillbirth. A stillbirth occurs when a fetus which has died in the uterus, during labor, or during delivery exits a woman's body. For help and support, share your experiences and learn how others coped. Don't forget that you are not alone.

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Grave Decorations

Hi Everyone,

How do you decorate your baby's gravesite for those that buried your baby?



Hey you can look at my pics to see what I have at my sons grave right now... We havent got his stone yet since he was delivered on Aug 29th 2010 but I still decorated for the season :-) Hope I helped

Hi. How did you get on with the decorations?

I found it really hard to find the right thing for my 2 babies graves. After a long time of searching and asking around I found a website called Lost The Fight (

They stock a wide range of graveside ornaments and have a lot of nice things for kids graves. They also offer online memorials, so you can have photos and tributes for your lost ones. I find their whole service really helped me and my partner. My family and friends also posted tributes on my babies online memorial. It's really, really nice.

Lost The Fight offer a lot of support and deserve the credit for it. Has anyone else here used them too? xx

our twins were buried together, they had never been apart so it seemed right to do it that way. But not marker as of yet, but we have 2 solar lights and tons of flowers right now. We also have 2 large fabric pin-wheels. I take fresh flowers when I go which is not that often because I can't go by myself yet.

we are waiting to get a grave stone.
for now i take up flower arrangements from my garden, and i put a pink windmill on there today where the head stone is going to be.
I want to get some wind charms, and some kind of solar fairy lights.
my family want to put plants on there but the chickens keep coming along and pecking at the flowers i put on. I suggested they get some of the ornaments that can be purchased, like stone angels, or heart shaped stones.
I am going to have a go at painting a little plaque with her name on it soon.
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