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This is for any one that has found themselves in the long wait for Soicial Security. Any one that has gone through this process or is in the middle of it. Venting is allowed.

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This is incredible-review questions

i was finally approved last july and was told they would do a review in 3 years. my questions, are arent they so backlogged that they dont actually do the reviews on time. I live in Va.
I have heard two stories about reviews. one is that it is a nightmare, were you have to go through the whole process again just like the first time, and the denial rates for continuing your disability is rather high, like the first time. and then i have been told they just send you questions and basically update your file. which is it?
this is totally stressing me out. i assume the 3years begins when you got your approval and not from the time you initially applied.
Anything i can do to improve my chances of staying on it.
How does the work program or ticket to work, rehab affect you? I was told they dont do a review while your on the program, but it would show to say if you can do their program you most likely would work, and this is not a good idea, but a trap for SS.
thanks and sorry so many questions.



Hi Traci:

I don't know if you are talking about SSI or SSDI. SSI is a welfare program funded by the US government (not out of the SS fund) but administered by the SS office in the state within which the applicant lives. It is the check people receive who either don't work or work very little, or just don't get paid much. People who haven't worked in several years also get SSI rather than SSDI. Since SSI has many more restrictions and requirements than SSDI (income limitations, etc.), the SSI office may very well make you jump through all the hoops again - only guessing.

If you are on SSDI, it will only be a paper review, which you must answer honestly to re-qualify. Not being honest subjects you to paying back money to SS from that point forward if they find you've not been truthful. SSDI is actually paid out of the Social Security account, funded by all wage earners, to disabled workers who have worked suffient "quarters" to qualify for it. I've not seen anyone online who has received a timely review and it is surely due to the backlog.

I've not been through a review (another 6 years to go) but my understanding is that it is a paper review, but a bit more than updating your info. It is simply a form that you respond to the the questions and they feed it through a smart reader machine that can tell from cross-referencing your answers if you should receive a manual review. An immediate kick out is qued if any general information has changed from the info they currently have on file, i.e., change of address, phone number, etc. It is advisable to make changes directly to SS rather than put any updates on the form.

Don't sweat it. As long as you are disabled, you won't be removed unless our new president, happily holding the hands of his cronies in our old congress, decides your disability check would be better spent on giving bonuses to congressional office staff again.

As to the ticket to work, disabled people do use them in an attempt to try to get back to work but when their health circumvents their attempt, they keep collecting their check just as before, without missing a single one.

A lot of people collect SSI or SSDI for only a short period of time and then return to work. The federal rules require only that you be unable to work for a minimun of twelve months...not forever. If you think you MIGHT be able to return to work but are not sure you can stand up to it yet, that is what the ticket is for. If you find you are doing fine back at work, then after a few months, your check stops. If you find after a few months that you cannot keep it up as you'd hoped, then you quit trying and you continue receiving the check. And you are not limited to one try. It truly is a great thing because some try to go back to work too early.

Physical rehab has no effect on whether you collect SS or not. The only thing that matters is whether you can work or not.

However, as to substance abuse rehab, keep in mind that the president and his diciples in congress are trying to write a bill to make federal assistance recipients pass drug tests, and they are also encouraging states to do the same - even to unemployment insurance recipients.

Barring that scary new one party superpower in DC, SS isn't going to boot you off if you are truly disabled. Most recipients pray for the day when they can go back to work and make a livable wage rather than draw the smaller amounts available through SSI or Social Security. Some will get lucky, some won't.

Bottom line, if you are disabled to the point where you can no longer do your job, you will continue to receive the assistance you need. Please don't squander your health worrying if someone is trying to trap you. Use that energy to make your body better endure whatever physical ailments you suffer.

Summer is coming - smell the flower and hear the birds - all will be okay.

God Bless You and Yours

CDR/Continuing Disability Reviews â As long as you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) you will be subject to periodic reviews of your claim by Social Security. These will happen every 2-7 years following their most recent decision, based on the type of disability you have, unless you have a terminal illness where your life expectancy is under the 2 year period. These periodic reviews will continue until you reach retirement age, at which point your Social Security Disability benefits automatically turn into regular Social Security retirement benefits and the reviews will stop. It is very important to get in the habit, especially while collecting Social Security Disability/SSI benefits, to see your doctors on a regular basis and get copies of ALL your medical records EVERYTIME you see a doctor or have a test, for the rest of your life. These records will be a very valuable tool when these reviews come up to in order to prove that you are still disabled and eligible to continue to receive Social Security Disability benefits.
I receive Social Security disability benefits. Will my Social Security benefits change when I turn full retirement age?
Is there a time limit on Social Security disability benefits?
How We Decide If You Are Still Disabled
Reviewing Your Medical Condition
404.1598 If You Become Disabled By Another Impairment(s)
416.990 When And How Often We Will Conduct A Continuing Disability Review
416.994 How We Will Decide Whether Your Disability Continues Or Ends Disabled Adults
Your Continuing Eligibility For Benefits
Reviewing Your Disability
DI 28001.001 What is a Continuing Disability Review (CDR)?
What Can Cause Benefits To Stop
Reviewing Your Disability and Cessation of Benefits What You Need To Know Reviewing Your Disability The Continuing Disability Review
Social Security Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs)
404.1594 How We Will Determine Whether Your Disability Continues Or Ends
404.1595 When We Determine That You Are Not Now Disabled
404.1596 Circumstances Under Which We May Suspend Your Benefits Before We Make A Determination
404.1597 After We Make A Determination That You Are Not Now Disabled
404.1597A Continued Benefits Pending Appeal Of A Medical Cessation Determination
404.1598 If You Become Disabled By Another Impairment(s)
DI 28005.010 CDR Evaluation Process - Title II and Adult Title XVI Beneficiary - Summary Chart
DI 28005.015 CDR Evaluation Process - Step-by-Step Discussion DI 28001.020 Frequency of CDRs DI 28001.015 Kinds of Events That May Initiate a CDR DI 26525.001 Scheduling Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) - General Policies
Your Right To Question The Decision To Stop Your Disability Benefits
Social Security Disability Program Operations Manual - DI 405 - Processing Continuing Disability Review Cases
DI 28001.003 An Overview of Processing Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Mailer Forms SSA-455 and SSA-455-OCR-SM
DI 13004.000 The CDR Mailer Process - Forms SSA-455 and SSA-455-OCR-SM
DI 13004.005 An Overview of Processing Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Mailer Forms SSA-455 and SSA-455-OCR-SM
DI 13005.040 Completion of Form SSA-454-BK (Report of Continuing Disability Interview)
DI 40502.001 Processing Center Instructions for the Continuing Disability Review Mailer Forms SSA-455 and SSA-455-OCR-SM
DI 13095.155 SSA-L1013 â CDR Continuing Disability Review (Continuance Notice - Title II)
SSA-789-U4 â Disability Cessation â Request For Reconsideration â Right To Appear
I-2-8-6. Benefit Continuation Until Hearing Decision
416.989A We May Conduct A Review To Find Out Whether You Continue To Be Blind
416.986 Why And When We Will Find That You Are No Longer Entitled To Benefits Based On Statutory Blindness.
Protection From Medical Continuing Disability Reviews
SSD â CDR Codes:
MIE = Medical Improvement Expected â Review in 18 months
MIP = Medical Improvement Possible â Review in 36 months
MINE = Medical Improvement Not Expected â Review in 5-7 years
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