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Herpes zoster, colloquially known as shingles, is the reactivation of varicella zoster virus, leading to a crop of painful blisters over the area of a dermatome. It occurs very rarely in children and adults, but its incidence is high in the elderly (over 60), as well as in any age group of immunocompromised patients.

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Shingles on scalp?

Has anyone been diagnosed with shingles on their scalp? I had the blisters all over the left side of my scalp - a week prior to that, I had terrible pain from the back of the neck up to the top of my head on that side - doctor said it was a pinched nerve. When I finally went to the e.r., they said it was chicken pox (I had about 10 spots on other areas). I asked if the scalp blisters were truly shingles, and they just said, "Well, it's the same virus". They prescribed Valtrex, which I took faithfully (1 gr. 2x day). Pain and itching in the scalp has not let up, although there is no longer any blisters on my scalp, they have all cleared up and scabs are gone, as well.

I can use a Lidocaine patch on my neck, but I don't know what to do with the scalp.

The neuro did two MRI's to check for nerve damage, but that was before the shingles/chicken pox diagnoses. Should I go back to the neuro?

I'm sick now, and I'm convinced it's because my immune system was low. I'm a bit of a mess!



Sorry to hear about the shingles. Since the pain is still with you after the shingles have cleared up you have probably developed the dreaded postherpetic neuralgia. Your nuero can probably prescrible one of several different drugs that are often helpful in controlling the pain. I have had this condition on the right side of my nose for 3 years. After trying several drugs, now using Lyrica.

I am on my 3rd week of having the shingles, i did have on my scalp as well. The worst part there is the itch! it was awful. I am just dealing with the shingles that spread to my cornea. Everything else is healing except for my eye. It totally stinks!

I didn't have them on my head but I do sympathise with you. The pain is bad and they make you feel dreadful don't they. I'm on a second course of acyclovir and hope so much that they don't come back after I finish it. I also worry about autoimmune things. Maybe a blood test could put your mind at rest on that score.
Take care.

I have Shingles on my forehead, eyelid and scalp. I find that Lyrica helps a lot with the pain and itchiness on my scalp, but doesn't seem to help with my face. So give Lyrica a try. I'm currently taking 150mg, two times per day. Problem is it wears off after about 9 hours and it's supposed to be taken every 12 hours, so there I am scratching my head off for three hours.

I am at that drive u crazy itching, no sleep, numbness and still longer have scabs...from what I was told by my dr. and an eye surgeon (they were afraid I might lose my left eye ) that the drugs I was put on were the strongest they had avail. in the hosp...also that my liver may b affected by all the drugs...

As soon as I can I am going to an Alternative Dr...have him help me build my immune system, do some major liver/colon cleanses or whatever he reccomends...and bcause I was on such strong anti-biotics I take a good probiotic and eat lots of real yogurt (not the sugery/preservative filled types)...the eye specialist highly recommended an alternative dr...

I to tried Lyrica but it did not help me...

The itching has kept me awake now for nearly a week straight...I spend alot of time crying, scratching, and losing my temper...

Ice cold compresses seem to b the only thing that temp. helps my scalp, face and eye area...

Good luck

I have shingles on the left side of my scalp, but I caught it before they spread. The scalp was driving me crazy with the itching for about a month, and I could not get lotion to my scalp without drenching my hair in calomine lotion or other skin creams. The best thing I found was to get a bottle of aloe vera (I found it pure in the bottle at both Walmart and Kroger for around $4 in the body lotion aisle) and I put it in a root applicator bottle that you use to apply hair dye to your roots only. The bottle I used has a cylindrical container on the bottom, and the lid has a comb with holes in it to squirt the product directly on the scalp, bypassing the hair. Hope this helps someone.
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