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Voluntary Non-Religious Celibacy - The other, othe

I wanted to take a moment and write down my views on a rarely mentioned (rarely practiced) way of life. That of a specific state of celibacy where there are no religious nor any health condition peventing the individual from enjoying a normal sexual life. Furthermore they are not restricted from social interaction that would readily afford them that oportunity, as is the case of so many permanently incarcerated individuals. For individuals who celibacy under these conditions, no clear reason can be attributed to entire group, but rather defined by each individual's specific desire(s).

People have a perception that if an individual pursues a life of celibacy (at ant point) that the individual has done so for religious or health reasons, or else to avoid some ethical delema (as would be the case for individuals who are attracted to illegal and immoral sexual practices.) This simply is not true. There are indivuals who fit into all of those categories, but there are also lesser known categories to be considered. There are several other reasons for celibacy that I can think of and many more for which I am obviously unaware.

Here are some of the reasons which are not incorporated into common perception of most societies: personal choice (not otherwise specified), emotional dissatisfaction (with one's own body), emotional dissatisfaction (with sexual activities), emotional dissatisfaction (with human interaction), devotion to a cause which is not religious or spiritual (in and of itself).

I have struggled with these issues myself for decades now and have found that (for myself) the only true path to contentment and personal fulfillment is through voluntary celibacy. This does not mean that I am not a sexual person. Actually the reverse is true for myself. I have always been very interested in sexulaity and physical attraction, and I find both male and female bodies very beautiful and often times attractive. I have found sexual practices to be enjoyable under a wide variety of circumstances and conditions. I have enjoyed intimate and sexual relationships on numerous occasions. And still I choose celibacy. For myself it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint exactly why it is that I wish to eliminate sexual activity and romantic or intimate relationships from my life. As I mature and evolve, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I find it nearly impossible to make the kind of personal progress that I desire while pursueing a sexual life-style of any kind.



I find this interesting. Do you mind some questions? If you mind, no need to reply. If you don't mind, here they are........

Are you choosing to remain celibate permanently or just until you get to where you want to be in your personal journey?

How long have you been celibate by choice?

Since you are a sexual person, you've enjoyed intimate and sexual relationships, do you feel a part of who you are is missing by being celibate?

I'm a sexual person and my sexuality is a part of who I am, my art is a part of I am, being a mom, being a partner, being an animal rescuer, being many things, they are all parts of what makes I couldn't imagine choosing to give up a part of what makes me who I am so I'm just wondering how you cope with giving up a part of yourself.