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Separation anxiety disorder (or simply separation anxiety) is a psychological condition in which an individual has excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment, which can occur at all ages and in many situations.

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away from home

i am living away from home in a different country and i am not coping with the situation, i have a very strong bond and close relationship with my family and im finding it very difficult to cope without them. I cry every day and even when im with other people and trying to keep busy i sometimes just cant stop the tears. I feel so down about it and at this point and time there is no opportunity for me to move home. i am stuggling to be positive about the situation and it is making me feel like a very week person. I would appreciate any advice.



I can say that you are not isolated in your pain. I have previously. I am actually in a good space, but I am moving across a metroplex to a new situation/roommate (like college again). I can imagine what it's like. Just get through it, since you are strong- I can tell by your posting this. So don't doubt, watch the grief (I would) as an impartial spectator until it eases away. Try to get out.
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