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Aging is an important part of all human societies reflecting the biological changes that occur, but also reflecting cultural and societal conventions. There is often considerable social pressure in many societies to sustain denial of the aging process. Join this community to discuss general issues with aging and senior health.

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I'm 62 and was diagnosed finally 6 years ago.. see

I'm 62 and was diagnosed finally 6 years ago.. seems it started at 30. didn't know it.. because I only had a few flare ups.. Now, In the last 6 years I can barely think straight.. everything I eat hurts.. now... some things just more than others.. down to 100 pounds.. always in pain some days just more than others.. I'm Scared especially now that I'm old.. Its effected my heart functions Ive been told.. lack of nutrition... I'm drinking boost... now... for nutrition and calories.. The doctor wont give me anything to help... been through every test in the book... colonoscopy so many times I cant take it anymore... one where they go into my mouth with tube down to small intestine.. three times maybe 4 now I stopped counting.... dye with the egg eating test.... for hours in machine.. even gave me some sort to crap to cause a pain... while I was on the ultra sound table.... It hurt.... Now the doctor wants to do all things again.. I just finally broke down... and cried , NO I just cant go through.. this again.. I just cant....... No- one in the family understands... why>> I just wont do it again... It effected my heart now I'm told.. Lack of nutrition.. but it just plain hurts.. to eat period.. all the time NOW... I don't want to die of starvation... only? It hurts... sometimes the cramping has gotten so bad... I write for a over an hour doubled laying down in pain.... I don't go out much anymore as I'm afraid it will happen in public.. It has before...

and no- one in the family really gets it... and thinks Im just anti- social with them...



you were diax with what ??

crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis and diverticulosis... sorry..

There is a group specifically for Crohns Disease where you can obtain much more specific information..
Please join us there
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