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Scleroderma is a rare, chronic disease characterized by excessive deposits of collagen. Scleroderma affects the skin, and in more serious cases it can affect the blood vessels and internal organs. The most evident symptom is the hardening of the skin and associated scarring.

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Has anyone else suffered with tendonitis in their wrists? I just received steroid injections in both wrists today after suffering for 3 months. NSAIDs and wrist bands didn't help. Only ice but was temporary. My doctor believes this is from my scleroderma. I'm hoping the injections calm it down because the pain got so bad I couldn't hold a book in comfort.



My tendonitis started years before I found out that I have the anticentromere B antibodies! I had my first tendonitis in my shoulder in the winter of '97 (had to have a steroid shot into the shoulder to resolve it), followed by elbow tendonitis that summer, and then another episode of shoulder tendonitis the winter of '98 (requiring a second steroid injection). Then I was okay for a few years, until 2002 when the right shoulder became so inflamed and acutely painful that I could not move it, and they classified it as a "frozen shoulder." About that time I also started noticing certain tendons in my thumb and elbow were painful if I pressed on them. The shoulder is much better now but not 100%, and I hurt all over, which I think is part neuropathy (possibly from someting else), and part widespread tendonitis.

So I really sympathize.

thanks, gardener21!
I felt so alone in that, "here we go again, another part of my body falling apart from this disease!"
In 2002 and 2008, all before I was diagnosed, I had two surgeries on my right shoulder for rotator cuff and bicep tendon tears and one on my left shoulder. Ortho docs a bit puzzled because I had no reported trauma (which usually causes rotator cuff tears). My rheumatologist believes these were likely due to the scleroderma. I am relatively painfree with my shoulders YEAH! but this tendonitis in the wrists feels so limiting.

This sounds oh, just so familiar, because the radiologist reported that there seemed to be a tear in my supraspinnatus muscle (in the shoulder), and the rheumatologist looked at the MRI, and said it looked to him more like degeneration in the muscle, and then the orthopedic surgeon claimed I had had an injury. We had a huge argument, because I knew I hadn't had an injury. Meanwhile my ANA was running as high as 2560.

And then the rheumatologist ordered a nuclear bone scan, which showed tremendous inflammation in not just the right shoulder, but also some in the left shoulder, and in the feet as well!

I have a dull throbbing pain in my shoulders, ankles, feet, wrist and hands. My husband says that I pop my joints in the middle of the night and it wakes him up alot. The pain I am soo tired of. Had endometrosis until I had to have an emergency hesterectamy. No children. God has not been very kind to me. Like I said all the test haven't started as of yet. Just tired.
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