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Visions during meditation...

The following is a essay on the visions I had earlier this morning about the core concept of the universe, the scientific aspects and the spirital. I would enjoy comments. Thanks, Olan.

Meditative Visions, 1-21-11
Olan L. Smith

During deep meditative state I had a verbal communication via writing; first a white background the second a gray backdrop with black letters. The words would appear then morph into the next word, appearing I phrases or one letter at a time. First was the phrase, "We are watching", "peace in man", "I love U". The single letter communications were confusing but appeared to be Roman numerals, "MMXV", unknown meaning; perhaps the date 2015. I asked who was communicating to me and the word "ALI" appeared, over and over again. Ali means high or original. For years my visions have had writing in them, usual in languages or script I cannot read on long scroll. It is always my hand that is writing the strange script. I supplicated the ones sending the visions to please send these messages to me in English so I could understand the message. Last night was the first time I was able to read them as usually the message were dim and appeared and faded too quickly, not this day, though. This is not from God but my guide, perhaps, because her name is Alinda, a similar name meaning support for the high. Those who communicate with human are not gods or God but a host of beings of energy who are from a different realm of the universe that is alongside this 3-dimensional realm. They are the creators or makers of life on this planet and are long live beings that we cannot see but are always watching us. They create because it is the prime directive of all beings in all the infinite realms or parallel universes (watch this video; ). The Prime Mover, which creates the universe, is unknowable to any being except the most high of creatures.

In human history the ancients (prehistory humans) understood this but at some point in time there was a loss of this knowledge (the first dark age) where humans no longer had inner vision and communications with those who Watch Over Us (dark ages are cyclical in human history). As time passed and the knowing humans died human beings began to view this as mysticism and call these being spirits. They were invisible to all but the seers and belief is in the concrete realm of the vision of the two eyes. The third eye was ignored. Humans after the age of history called these beings aliens, gods and later angels or the host. Today in the western worlds we call these visions hallucinations of the mind. We search for aliens who are of the three dimensional realm and only now are scientist beginning to understand, in part, that other realms exist, parallel universes ( ) realm unseen but they believe these realms must be transverse physically not via pure energy. Being of other are most often beings of pure energy and can transverse realms with ease because a energy our physics do not apply. They have form, like us, but it is a different energy type of energy then we are composed of; it is free energy; other dimensional energy that can and does interact with matter in our realm of the universe is our creative force, i.e., breath, wind or spirit so our inner spirit is the same as they.

In the Bible we call the Most High, God; Creator but are confused with Prime mover and Most High. The creators are in this realm or parallel universe and they are not Prime movers. The Prime Mover is unknowable and we do not know Its not involvement in this realm or any realm of the universe and it does not reveal itself to us; it exist in what I call the 12 dimension. The revealers are the Watchers, the Host, the Angels or creators of this life and they exist in a parallel universe of invisible to our two eyes but they can and do communicate to use visually via the Ajna (third eye) and directly via the crown or Seventh Chakra, the senses of the seers, prophets and buddhas of the realm and beyond what we know and see with our two eyes. Using these extra senses is how humans have discerned the nature of the supernatural through the ages. In the beginning people saw, live via the crown and Ajna energy point fully open and understood the nature of the universe. This was cut off and the knowledge of the first humans was lost through time and we have the creation of modern religions through the fragmented remains of this core knowledge. The Hebrew Yah is a part of these creations and myths or story of original man hand down, word of mouth until such time man created written language.

Yah or Yahweh is not God but a member of the host. Yah is known by many names including Ali, Allah, Eli, Elohim, Adonai, Adonis (Greek for beautiful, lover of Astarte or in Greek Aphrodite ( Phoenicians, assigned Adonai (Adonis) as a god for the Hebrew people, also see these sites; ( ). As you can see the ancient view the god head as a duality of male female or a plurality, much as the visions I have seen. This is not a view of Prime Creator or Prime Mover but a view of a parallel universe and the creators. The Host, Angels, Messengers, Guides are creators of life in this realm but not Creators of the Universe or Prime Creator/First to Create; they created us because it is what all intelligent life does; we humans are already creating single cell life ourselves as our prime directive to create life and we will continue to do so if we don’t kill each other first.

Other names for this Duality of the godhead are Zeus and Demeter, Greek (here you have a splitting off of Astarte, the womb and virgin into Demeter and Aphrodite, two gods, one a virgin one a god of human sexuality). Baal and Astarte ((he Phoenician godhead), Babylonian Ishtar and Inanna and the list goes on and on through all religions of the world including Christianity where Astarte, the virgin, is replace by Mary (the Holy Mother of God) the mother of Jesus. The celebration of Jesus' birthday on December 25th coincides with the celebration of Astarte by the Phoenicians and as with all religions that were Christianized the holiday or celebration were renamed and given a Christian meaning. In Christianity you have a trinity of the godhead; father son and spirit (creative force). What is Prime Mover? No one knows in this 3 dimensional universe. Those who created us; beings of a parallel universe do not know the nature of the Prime Creator but perhaps beings closer to the beginning of the creation of the multiverse do know but as far as we or they are concerned, It is unknowable. So what do we call God, most worships the creators of this realm, the Host, the many who came to the realm to seed it others religions worship the unknowable God but the unknowable does not need our worship, It lacks nothing; it is other than Its creation. The beings, the Watchers, the overseers, the angels the Host do not need are worship, nor do they seek it; they merely are sowers and caretakers of this experiment. Life on this world is an experiment of their desire to create beings like them, except their laboratory is not in their realm but this one; it is controlled and isolated from their realm as to not pollute their realms. In the end we have only the physic realms of energy multiplied to the nth degree and what we call spirit or supernatural is only the unseen forces of parallel universes that merge but do not



last words, "but do not collide.

Need to re-read and digest, Olan. Quick question tho...I know you are BP, do you know you are not hallucinating? I know that is a tricky question that most can't answer...maybe you can?

It is faith, Bobbi. Doctors, religions like to call them hallucinations because they do not understand them; they are afraid of them but yet they worship a Bible built on visions or hallucinations, go figure. My visions occur only during purposeful meditation and I know they are connecting to Universe via the crown chakra and it comes from the Collective Unconscious or Universal library. It is not buried under the ground nor is it hidden; it is inside of us.

After the Church Catholic came to power they proclaimed all prophesy dead for fear that a new prophet would arise and usurp the authority of the Church. After two thousand years of persecution of seers and prophet, calling them witches, demonic, possessed and later insane or nuts; now we do not kill them; we lock them up and medicate them. We, as a society, have lived too long without seers, visionaries and prophets. The medical society is starting to back off of this stance of insanity being linked to visions, thanks to Carl Jung. They call it a normal experience they do not fully understand and they know through studies that about 30 percent of society have these visions, far too many to call them all insane. They have yet to back off of calling them hallucination, however. They are not hallucinations; they are real and need to be understood better. But as long as the medical society seeks answers with their two eyes and do not search for understanding using the chakras they will never understand or know reality. Look where the world is today depending on find knowledge with their two eyes; we are a the brink of doom and peace will only come if awaken and a tune to their inner energy or chi.

My Pdoc took me off psych meds over a year ago and admits the only reason I suffer mania was the large influx of seizure meds; three of which are known to cause mania (which I was on at the same time). I am no longer labeled as BP but as brain injured suffering seizures. I am still on med. Keppra that is known to cause mania so Edoc monitors it closely. Seizure sufferers are known to have more psychic visions, especial if the temporal lobes are involved. It comes down to faith and all my visions are of love and peace and are congruent with the chi within me. Love, peace and freedom, Olan.

I close my eyes to a slit, the border between open and closed where the visual realm is closed out. If the eyes are fully closed it is to easy to go to sleep. I try to maintain the theta/alpha realm and maintain that level fo consciousness as long as possible. If my eyes open full the brainwaves become excited with visual stimulation and move out of that range for me. I believe they call it lion meditation so you are alert as to what is going on around you; your hear and maintain conscious awareness of what is going on you as meditate.

Yes, I agree the truth is subject to self, in my opinion the only reality in which we have surety since all things visible are made of nothingness; harmonious strings of energy forming membranes and creating a multidimensional reality. In this 3 dimensional reality, we see perhaps 3 percent of what is in existence determined by the scientific modes known today. We are energy, which is trans-dimensional in nature or not of this 3-D realm of the universe. The only way we experience this realm is via the chakras and when we ignore the chakras we only experience this delusional realm. To find ourselves and our true trans-dimensional self we need to meditate and become aware of the energy or unconscious part of use. In that awareness is the keys to the mythical trees of knowledge and life. Eden is not out there somewhere it is in us. Spirit is energy by definition and invisible yet has force. This force is eternal as is all energy. All things in the universe is composed of industructable energy of which we are a part of not apart from. The 3-D flesh shell in which we exist, our bodies, is congeal energy or energy that is bond together. It is this flesh that houses our Chi and when the body dies the energy return to it natural state and reality outside of this realm of flesh.

As I speak to others, like me, from around the world I find a commonality in messages received and that is of loving others as you love yourself. In this message there is not lack of harmony among the visions and messages we receive. You cannot go wrong receiving this message but I know there are also messages of discord and those I do not receive but a cognizant that they exist. I can only speak to the messages I have received and they all point to purity of love and purity of soul.

My ancestors, two branches of my ancestry, are Quakers. The Christian form of worship (the second type you speak of) is not original with the movement but a later added on to the worship style to be more accepted by the world. My ancestor, Lydia Wright was persecuted in Salem when, as a young women. she went to Salem from Long Island to stand up for her persecuted sisters and brothers. In the witch trials Quakers were single out because the persecutors did not trust the Quakers saying how do we know what they are worshiping in the meditative state, perhaps it was the devil. My young ancestor stood up to the judges and accused them of worshiping the devil by their deeds of persecution. As a result she was stripped naked and tied to a wagon tail and whipped as she was carted from on city to the next until she was out of the country. Once out of the city she stood up. Stomped her feet of the dust and return home to later go to Jamaica to help other Quakers being persecuted.

Love, peace and freedom, Olan

Richard, from my limited understanding from family history is the movement of Quakerism started out as with no structured worship meaning they sat until the spirit or chi move them to speak. Most was in silence. They would have leader or minister, often a woman. The structure of studies or formal worship came later as they sought to have service more like other church. My ancestor were at the earliest in 1600's in Long Island and later some moved to Jamaica to help there. These family surnames Wright and Haines. My g-great grandmother was a Wright who married a Haines and I have letters from the Haine side dating back from 1817.

They are Christian is belief but open to anyone who want to set and meditate with them. I am not too familiar with the teaching of their history to the membership for that is a later addition to the concept of their gathering as the Society of Friends.

Here is a transcript of the trial in Salem that was conducted by the court:
In the summer of 1677 there came to Boston one Margaret Brewster of Barbadoes, a distinguished Quakeress, the wife of Thomas Brewster. There had lately been promulgated at Boston the law requiring all persons coming into the country to take an oath of fidelity to the Government, making no exception as to the Quakers who professed conscientious scruples against taking any oath, because of the Scripture direction, "swear not at all". She sent the governor a protest and warning against enforcing the law as to the Quakers. She also went, about, uttering her warnings in public. On Sunday, the 8th of July, of that year, she marched into the South Church, at Boston, during service, with " her hair about her shoulders, ashes upon her head, her face colored black, and sackcloth upon her upper garments." Following her came Lydia Wright, with Sarah Miles and Elizabeth Bowers, jun., and John Easton, jun., who took her riding-clothes and shoes when she went into the house.
They were all immediately seized by a constable and carried to prison, and there kept upon the following warrant, issued early the next morning

To the Keeper of the Prison at Boston:

Whereas, there was one man and four women, Quakers, committed to prison yesterday, being the Lord's-day, for making an horrible disturbance and affright¬ing the people in the South Church in Boston, in the time of the publick dispensing of the Word, whereby several women, as I am informed, are in great danger of miscarrying. These are, therefore, in his Majesty's name, to will and require you to keep the said Quakers carefully till they be thence discharged by order of law. And for the other Quakers taken at that meeting, and committed to prison by the constable, the law of the 3rd of Nov., 1675, directs you what to do: which you are to observe at your peril.

Dated the 9th of July, 1677. (Signed) SIMON BROADSTREET.

On the 4th of August following: they were brought into court, at Boston, before the governor [John Leverett] and magistrates and tried. The examinations of the parties accused are given by the faithful historian in true dramatic style. They are too long for insertion here. What relate to Lydia Wright is detailed as follows

Governor.--Call Lydia Wright.

Clerk. --Lydia Wright, of Long Island.

L. Wright. --Here.

Governor. --Are you one of the women that came in with this woman into Mr. Thatcher's meeting-house to disturb him at his worship?

L. Wright. --I was, but I disturbed none; for I came in peaceably, and I spake not a word to man, woman, or child:

Governor. --What came you for then?

L. Wright. --Have you not made a law that we should come to your meeting? For we were peaceably met together at our own meeting-house, and some of your constables came in, and haled some of our friends out and said, "This is not a place for you to worship God in." Then we asked him, "Where we should worship God?" Then they said, "We must come to your public worship." And upon the first day following, I had something upon my heart to come to your public worship, when we came in peaceably, and spake not a word; yet we were haled to prison, and there have been kept near a month.
S. Broadstreet.--Did you come there to hear the Word?

L. Wright. --If the word of God was there, I was ready to hear it.

Governor. --Did your parents give consent you should come thither?

L. Wright. --Yes! my mother did.

Governor. --Shew it. .

L. Wright. --If you will stay till I can send home, I will engage to get from under my mother's hand that she gave her consent
Juggins, a magistrate, said: --You are led, by the spirit of the devil, to ramble up and down the country, like whores and rogues a-cater-wawling.

L. Wright. --Such words do not become those who call themselves Christians; for they that sit to judge for God in matters of conscience ought to be sober and serious; for sobriety becomes the people of God; for these are a weighty and ponderous people.

Governor. --Did you own this woman?

L. Wright. --I own her, and have unity with her, and I do believe so have all the faithful servants of the Lord, for I know the power and presence of the Lord was with us.

Juggins. --You are mistaken. You do not know the power of God. You are led by the spirit and light within you, which is of the devil: there is but one God, and you do not worship that God which we worship.

L. Wright. --I believe thou speakest truth; for if you worshipped that God which we worship, you would not persecute his people; for we worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the same God that Daniel worshipped.

So they cried, "Take her away."

Then followed the examinations of the other two girls; and they were all carried back to prison, and about an hour afterward brought again into the court, when, the governor being present, the clerk read their sentence as follows

Juggins. --You are mistaken. You do not know the power of God. You are led by the spirit and light within you, which is of the devil: there is but one God, and you do not worship that God which we worship.

L. Wright. --I believe thou speakest truth; for if you worshipped that God which we worship, you would not persecute his people; for we worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the same God that Daniel worshipped.

So they cried, "Take her away."

Then followed the examinations of the other two girls; and they were all carried back to prison, and about an hour afterward brought again into the court, when, the governor being present, the clerk read their sentence as follows

"Margaret Brewster, you are to have your clothes stript off to the middle, and to be tied to a cart's-tail at the South meeting-house, and to be drawn through the town, and to receive twenty stripes upon your naked body."

"Lydia Wright and Mary Miles, you are to be tied to the cart's-tail also. Barbara Bowers you are to be tied also."

"So they were carried to prison again, this being the 7th day of the week, and on the 5th day following the sentence was executed." The historian adds, "During the examination of these women they appeared altogether unconcerned as to themselves, being fully resigned to whatsoever sufferings might be their portion; steadfastly maintaining their full assurance of a divine call to the service they went upon, and a perfect peace and serenity of mind in yielding obedience thereunto. In all which they seem to have really exercised the faith and patience of the saints and people of God."

Immediately after this disgraceful scene, the two martyr-friends, Margaret and Lydia, shook the dust of Boston streets from their feet, and traveled back to Sandwich. They went thence to Rhode Island, that little State in the "corner" of New-England, where the Quaker was looked upon with more toleration,…

Recently, while my son was in the mid phase of his seisure...He said to me that he wants to go upstairs...I said there is no upstairs...He stated in a very firm way...That yes there was that he saw it...He begged me to let him go there...It finally passed... ( he has severe difficutly speaking so I have to try and decipher what he is trying to say to me ) I videotaped this last seisure so that I could show it to his Neurologist and to him..He never remembers what happens during his seisures...Afterwards he is exhausted for several days, his muscles are very sore due to seizing up. His tongue is sore from biting it. He is moody and easily agitated...

However, his relentless begging to go upstairs mystified me. Possibly his third eye was able to see something that his two other eyes cannot see. I am clairvoyant...have been since I was little...My first experience was when I was 8 years old...I had a pet...Her name was Missy and I loved her so much..One night I had this terrible nightmare that she was hit by car in front of house and died...I woke up crying and found her sound asleep at the foot of my bed...Two weeks later she followed my mother across the street....was hit by a car and died....Just like I dream't it...I am 61 years old now...I still have thoughts ( visions) ....I try to warn my sons but they don't really believe until inevidibly the warning becomes real.
My visions are just a thought that comes into my mind out of no where...Just a thought that makes me feel like I need to pay attention to...Your detailed explanation of the universe, seekers, messangers, watchers and the host are not unfamiliar to me. I am a seeker.....possibly so is my son. I have three sons. He is the youngest...My mother had this gift ( if that is what you want to call it..more like a curse )...He has the same color eyes as she did...They are very unusual...golden eyes !! I never seen anyone else but my son and my mother to have this chroma in their eyes. I am curious as to what you might perceive in all this that I describled.

I have epilepsy and have had it since 2003 when I suffered a brain injury at work. There have been a lot of studies done the ability to see into the spiritual world and temporal lobe injuries. I have been clairvoyant since 2007 and have two types of experiences, one is visions playing out like a movie on a screen and the other is hypnagogic where I am in a parallel realm of existence and interact with beings of another dimensional realm. The types of clairvoyance you are speaking of I have been able to do since 1989 and occur during vivid and lucid dreaming. I do not control these dreams, visions or other realm experiences; they just happen, i.e. I cannot pick up something and have a vision of where it has been; I just see them as they come. The particular l type of clairvoyance you are speaking of where you just know it is referred to as intuitive and comes from the crown chakra, whereas the visions and hypnagogic experiences I have involve the crown and sixth chakra or third eye, the dreams that come true also involve these chakras.

It was a very good idea for you to video tape your son’s seizure for you and the neurologist. But as for his seeing an upstairs to a single floored home it is hard to tell what is happening since he does not remember the event. In my hypnagogic experiences I am in a different realm where I can interact with it, i.e.; I can move with my alternate spirit body and explore that world (out of body), this can last minutes or hours. I can feel, smell and speak to these beings in this realm. The buildings are similar, reversed or completely different and my body is different. Scientists now believe there are infinite realms alongside each other and there may be infinite forms of you or some realms where you never happened. This became possible with mathematics and the discovery of the eleventh linear dimension of String Theory and a new theory called M-theory, M is for membrane.

Perhaps, all animals, most have a third eye, have a natural connection to an alternate realm and it is this eye that allows you to see through it but you cannot make sense of it without engaging the crown chakra. It is that connection that gives us access to the Library of Knowledge and with it; it makes sense of what the third eye sees. Your son could well have seen into another realm where the house had two stories instead of one but because he was not conscious we will never know.
Love, peace and freedom,
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