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Sciatica is a term meaning pain that originates from compression of the sciatic nerve, the longest and largest nerve in the body. If the sciatic nerve is pinched or compressed (perhaps by a bulging disc in the low back) a patient may experience leg pain--the classic symptom of sciatica.

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leg numbness/loss of function


I have been dealing with sciatica for the last 6 months. Initially it only bothered me on long car trips. My right lower back, butt and leg would start to hurt and go numb but it would go away once the ride was over. This summer it started to flare up more frequently especially when I would sit for any length of time and when I ran. I saw a sports med doctor about a month ago. My spine xray was normal aside from showing my spine was very straight which he said was probably due to back spasms. He also told me I was very hyporeflexive in my right leg. He put me on prednisone and naproxen and gave me some stretches to do. He said if it's not improving he'll send me for an MRI.
The pain has gotten much better with the meds. I am able to sit down for extended periods without pain. I have also been able to run pain free for about 20 minutes at a time. The one thing that has gotten worse is the numbness in my leg. Initially I only experienced that when I was on long car rides. In the last week my right leg just feels different. I'm not sure if it would be considered numbness but it's almost like a band is wrapped tight around it. It makes it feel like my right leg is lagging behind the left. The other night at work I was walking and my leg kind of gave out and it was as if I had little control of it for a few seconds. The feeling went away but that same event has happened two more times since then.
Is this something I should be concerned about. Is it something that I might need an MRI to discover the cause? My insurance will only cover the MRI if I've done 6 weeks of PT but I really don't have the time for that!

Any input/suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!



You'd better FIND the time for it. You need an MRI with and without contrast material. This is NOT normal and you need to find out what's causing this. X-rays won't tell you anything because they don't show the soft tissue, like the discs.

Ask your doc for the tests that you need and if that means PT beforehand, which I think is ridiculous, then so be it. Best of luck.

Please look into this, it is serious. You could do permanent nerve damage. Thinking of you and sending you strength! X


Pain in the butt and down the back of the leg - sounds like piraforma syndrome. Go on the internet and google piraforma stretches.

Also - go see an orthopedic surgeon (Never get surgery) and review with him/her the exact location of each pain and the type of pain in each location - (dull, sharp or burning) - they will get you an xray or a mri. And you might be helped a lot by a shot of cortisone in the butt.

Just my opinions - and just trying to help.



oh sorry - did not explain - piraforma syndrome is an aspect of sciatica. It is based on nerve irritation after the sciatic nerve leaves the spine and when it passes over the piraforma muscle in the buit. When that muscle is out of shape it tends to irritate the sciatic nerve and cause a lot of pain in the butt and down specifically - the back of the leg(s).

And one really great stretch for it is -

lay down on a good bed.
tighten the butt muscles .
while holding the buitt muscles tight - also tighten the tummy muscles.
hold for 15 minutes. release.

you may repeat it 3 times.

may repeat as often as desired.

this stretch works almost immediately.

And it really helps a lot.


sorry - hold for only 15 seconds - not 15 minutes !!!!

so sorry

if i were you id get to the doctors
i think youre health is more important than money and work right now
and if it gets so severe it may lead to nerve damage in which it may also lead to paralization x

I suffered through a bout of acute sciatica after I moved and could not walk without severe pain for two whole months! The only thing that worked for me was going to a chiropractor. After a month of treatments, he tried ultrasound on my lower back and it made all the difference! I have very little pain now, no meds. Still going to chiro three times a week. TRY IT!
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