Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer) Support Group

Renal cell carcinoma, also known by a gurnistical tumor, is the most common form of kidney cancer arising from the renal tubule. It is the most common type of kidney cancer in adults. Initial therapy is with surgery. It is notoriously resistant to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, although some cases respond to immunotherapy.

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Hello friends - fighters, caregivers, survivors - the DC Gang! :) I hope everyone is hanging in there, holding on to positive thoughts, loving life and loved ones as best we can. It's been a little while since I've been on the forum.

I'm 9 days post, hand-assist laparoscopic right radical nephrectomy. Kidney could not be saved because the monster consumed most of it. I'm doing well although I'm still sore. I feel like the insides of my abdomen don't know where to settle. I really believe that the walking regimen my husband and I had prior to the dx and surgery has helped with my healing. Still taking it easy. I read that the soreness can last up to 4 weeks, so I am patiently waiting...on the couch...bored...but thanking God for another day to love my mom, family and my sweet husband.

Per request, my doc emailed me a pic of my kidney and the monster; boy was it big. I can't believe I had that blob inside my body. I refuse to believe that the monster will come back. We've got to KEEP THE FAITH, friends, one day at a time!!

I still pray for all of you - the DS gang! God bless y'all! xoxo



Hi Julia,
I'm so pleased to know your surgery is behind you and that you are recovering well.
Wishing you a quick and complete recovery,

Hi Julia, I named my initial tumor Igor and he was a big evil boy also that took my right kidney. I have beeen living without that kidney now for 2 years and my remaining kidney is doing ok but I still feel that there is an empty space inside me and the cat scans prove me correct. Hang in there the pain will get easier!


I am glad your surgery was successful and you are recovering. My dad's tumor was a monster as well. We requested pictures from the surgeon. It was the size of a football and weighed 7 pounds! Keep the faith.

So good to hear the surgery went good.. and you are on the road to recovery. Take it easy, each day will get better.
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