Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney Cancer) Support Group

Renal cell carcinoma, also known by a gurnistical tumor, is the most common form of kidney cancer arising from the renal tubule. It is the most common type of kidney cancer in adults. Initial therapy is with surgery. It is notoriously resistant to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, although some cases respond to immunotherapy.

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does anyone know of any chat sites for RCC ?



I dont know of a true chat site, but is a email list serve that a lot of people use top pose questions. Yo can join the Kidney cancer group. Usually people respond quickly.

Here is one
Every Mon Wed Fri 7 to 9 PM. It's a facebook group as well

thank you , i'm sure i'll be checking it out

Also there is a kidney cancer convention see below

Kidney Cancer Association National Patient and Survivor Conference
Date: 04/09/2011 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM CT
Location: M. D. Anderson Cancer Prevention Bldg., 8th Floor, 1155 Pressler
Houston, TX 77030

Admission: Free
Summary: The conference will focus on a variety of patient oriented topics, including treatment options, participation in clinical trials, cancer pain issues, and dietary concerns for patients who are diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, as well as a presentation for caregivers.

if you look at the info I posted for Xgeva on this list, there are the links for Acor. this is a member list that has both a Papillary RCC and a Kidney-onc group. the Papillary list has tons of interchanges on treatments. I would consider this group a "chat" site for moral support and kinship while the Acor lists are heavily into the challenges of treating RCC
I hope this helps, Rich
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