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Prostatitis is any form of inflammation of the prostate gland. Inflammation of the prostate leads to pain, often during voiding but also in back and rectum. Frequent urination and increased urgency may suggest a cystitis (bladder inflammation). Ejaculation may be painful, as the prostate contracts during emission of semen. Antibiotics are the first line of treatment in acute prostatitis, which is classified as a medical emergency.

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  • Maxxer


    My evenings are terrible.  I'm lucky to get one half hours sleep until my next visit to the bathroom.  The discomfort is one thing but having limited sleep is going to put me over the edge.
  • julia002

    Pay Attention To Take Proper Prostatitis Cure

    Nowadays, antibiotic is the most common method for prostatitis cure. And it’s very efficient for curing acute prostatitis. However, as the phenomenon of misuse and overuse of antibiotics becomes severer, many people in US asked the Food and Drug Administration to restrict the use of this kind of medicine. Recent years, many antibiotics are useless because of the blindly use. Some diseases...
  • Paininoz

    Pain in oz

    was first told 20 years ago i had chronic non bacterial prostatitis. But also told nothing could be done jyst had to live with it.   Its pretty good in general occasional burning sensation during urination. The worst and most constant is. Extreme sensitivity during sex causing quick ejaculation but the worst part is the crippling pain on ejaculation. This can be bad one day and almost...
  • As prostatitis has become a big enemy of males, the radical cure of this disease is always what male patients care about most. Except for medication treatment, researches has found many other methods which can help for the recovery of prostatitis.Pointed by specialist doctors such as Dr. Lee, combined supplements with medication can be beneficial to the recovery of prostatitis. Then, what are...
  • Jasona

    Chronic Prostatitis for years

    I am 30 years old. I have chronic prostatits for about 5 years, the pain is intense from urethra, ass, testicles to prostate. I have used antibiotics but no effect. can chronic prostatitis be cured with medication? or no medication works to control the pain?
  • deleted_user

    testicle pain

    I just start getting pain about a week ago. Doc says it is probably blue balls. I have had prostitius for over 10 years now. Im not sure if the testicle pain is related to prostitus? not sure but I am going back to the doc on tuesday.
  • deehub84


    I am 25 years old and have had prostatitis for almost a year now. it is painfull to sit down and my testicles burn all the time from it. My urologist put me on tamsulosin and doxycycline. Neither one worked. Now he wants to do a bladder scope. Iv read that dental procedures can cause infections and stay in your system. I had a tooth pulled and had an implant put in around the same time this...
  • grahamstrang

    Gday from Australia and Prostatitis land

    Gday team, Graham here from Australia.I am 38 years old, and have had Prostatitis for about 3 years now.i have a bad first 12 months, a decent 18 months, and now a horrible 6 months.i have had all the usual stuff, spending my life in the bathroom trying to pee, if i do, it is like razor blades, it had played hell with my love life, and generally makes me moody and hard to deal...
  • changeofideas

    could this be prostatitis?

    my husband has had an ongoing issue. it's been almost a year. we have no idea what it could be. he has gone to three walk-in clinics, his primary care doctor, and two urologists. all but one walk-in clinic nurse thought he was crazy. we had a urologist appointment today and the dr wouldn't even listen, he just said if the tests are all okay he must be fine and to take an aleve.his symptoms...
  • jamwfaul

    Need advice...

    Hello, I'm 31 yo and diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis about 6 months ago.Just a little background, I'm in good health, exercise regularly, and overall would consider my diet to be good. I don't smoke and typically drink 3-4 drinks per week. I've always had a problem with frequent urination, but I would only call it a "problem" now because of my recent diagnosis of prostatitis. My first...
  • deleted_user

    Anti-depressants for prostatitis

    I know the whole physical/mental thing is tied together. It just seems like a vicious cycle. If your prostate acts up, you feel crummy and get depressed. If I'm just plain depressed or stressed, it seems like that pain just heads straight for the old prostate. And the urologist I went to gave an info sheet on prostatitis and one of the things was maybe an anti-depressant would be necessary.I...
  • dosga

    New Member, Increase in PSA

    For the past 3-4 years, my PSA has been around 2.6 to 2.8.This week, my lab results show my PSA at 4.5. So the "velocity" is that it has increased approx 1.7 to 1.9 points over the past 17-18 months (previous PSA last taken in May 2014).I'm concerned that this is likely a sign of cancer. My PCP wants me back in 3 months to have another PSA done.Would this type of increase in PSA still be...
  • mejust36

    anybody with blood in urine?

    Hello,I am a male at an age of is 2 months that i have:-frequent frequency-burning after urination-so far 3 times blood in urine-feeling to urinate when i drink something.-when i eat dairy products like yogurt, my urine becomes cloudy/-did an urine test: no infection but some crystalization-did an ultrasound of prostate. urologist saw white spots on screen and said this is infection. i am...
  • darks

    another cure

    Hi,I would like to share my cure. I got my first prostatits when I was 24. I was on different antibiotics on and off for about 10 years (including biaxin, levaquin, cipro and so on) . I can tell you that they did not help at all, they made things worse. So, when I was 35 I decided to stop trusting my doctors, because obviously they did not know what they were doing. They destroyed my gut flora,...
  • deleted_user

    My prostatitis cure

    I have suffered from prostatits since I was 28 which is near on 25 years.I have seen all types doctors and tried everything but nothing worked for me. I also suffered from chronic sinusitis and always had a infection in one place or the other, I had no real quality of life at times. I am normal weight, fit active, non smoker. non drinker and to look at me, you could never guess I could feel so...