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Pregnancy causing toilet seat to turn blue???

Ok I know this sounds very weird but I've noticed over the last few weeks that two of our three porcelain toilet seats are turning blue! You can actually see the outline of my behind on them. I googled it and came across some other pregnant women experiencing the same thing. Perhaps from hormones?? The toilet seat my husband uses is still perfectly white. I don't get it. Has this happened to any of you???? I'm 30 weeks and this just puzzles me. I know it's not from new clothes or jeans because I've been wearing light colored clothes and mostly dresses. Anyone heard of this???



Never heard such a strange. Keep us posted on that! I guess something in ur skin from the hormones..??

Kate, I read this post a few days ago and didn't have anything to say about it and then tonight, while I was washing my hands, I noticed that my toilet seat is suddenly blue as well!! Like, you can see a perfect outline of my behind dyed to the seat! I can't believe it. I googled it online, a lot of people think it's because of wearing new clothing and so the dye from the jeans gets on your skin and then transfers. I think that's kind of silly. It's not like this is the first time in my life I've gotten a new pair of pants. I buy new jeans ALL the time (I'm a clothes junkie) and they've never turned my toilet seat blue before.

I'm actually kind of embarrassed now. I can't believe it's just blue suddenly. I don't remember it being blue yesterday. I really hope it comes off, too. I'd hate to have to buy all new toilet seats after the baby is born. That's just crazy!!!!
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