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Can you give me your opinion on my neighbors bad b

I LIVE ALONE IN A SMALL TOWN, HASVE MANY THINGS WRONG WITH ME. Heart problems, ect. I cannot work so I DON'T HAVE MUCH MONEY, only a small pension, and I rent an apartment. MY NIEIGBORS have wtwo houses, the guy never leaves his house and for years we have had a couple of problems because K the neighbor and L his wife who has MS BUT CAN BE AS NASTY AND SCAREY TOO. eVERY TIME i GO OUT TO MY CAR-AND this town has big beautiful victorian houses. K HAS BEEN TALKING about me to allthe other neighbors who take in his stuff. I was a problem in the first year I was here in that my stalker boyfriend would sit on the porsh and scare the neighbors wife L and me as well. He had been arrested several times for stalking and I HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER. i should add that the houses are ridiciously close together and K is hired by the slum lord to check poor people out. They get enough money. I am afraid to leave my house. My doctor said no stress and yet the other evening I was trying to return my neighbors mail to him that was left in my mailbox. I look over and about six feet the neighbors had their curtains open. L started mouthing off about me about is she gonna need another jump for her car??? THEY WOULD NEVER HELP ME>I answered back to her that ai could hear her and the two of them started talking nasty belligerent things to me, I SAID ''yOU KNOW L., I feel sorry for you." calmly and turned around and walked to get my car. K comes screaming out of his house "F&%$ you! F765 you! Like a maniac. I turned around , because I saw him act this way to RENTERS whivh he says he hates. we got into a thing where I said , well it was very scarey ansd I was calle dand verbally assulted by him like fats ass, mental case! I asked him to come there and say it in my face. He stood there. The wife is chiming ''She's harassing us, lets call the cops>" appently they call the cops like for the stupidist things, like the garbage was not put on on time. He harasses. I walked over to him on his sidewalk and he said to get off his sidewqalk. I sid it is public and i am being harassed and going to call the police. the police came and did NOTHING but make a report and had an attitude. Seems he used to work for the city patrol. so they are i9n his favor. the police are getting really bad in these days. I don't know what to do because I have no witnessess and they have money. Please if you wwill offer your opinion. Thanks.



I have no mney and been in many situations i didnt know what is was goin to do. I recently have been diagnosed with complex PTSD along with several health problems. I pray ALOT...I put Everything in gods hands. I even went to church(when i normally dont go) . Because i dont know how im gonna feel day to day. I was ar my BOTTOM,mentally and phiacially. Een though I had a GREAT man by my side and a great family. I went o the alter got down on my knees and REALLY with all my heart handed it ALL to him. I can honestly say,,i pray ALOT. And even on my bad days. I feel god has taken over. I see situations getting a little better.And my faith gets stronger. Hang in there.

Next time return their mail to the post office by writing "not at this address". And, I would stay on my side of the street and ignore them. People like that love to stir the shit if you mind my saying that.
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