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Polycythemia is a condition in which there is a net increase in the total circulating erythrocyte (red blood cell) mass of the body. There are several types of polycythemia. Primary polycythemia, often called polycythemia vera (PCV), polycythemia rubra vera (PRV), erythremia, or just PV, occurs when excess erythrocytes are produced as a result of a proliferative abnormality of the bone marrow.

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I'm from the US but plan a several month trip to PEI - my insurance doesn't cover there. I can't figure out where to get my Hct checked and where to get phleb done. Here, I have been going to a blood bank, for pretty cheap. But the one in PEI says they don;t do therapeutic draws. The local med clininc says I have to contact a registry to see if I can become a patient - what is this? Any suggestions? I did find a pharmacy that will do my INR for my coumadin levels, so that's cool. The hospital in Charlottetown will do a phleb - for $600!!! not reimbursable...so forget it. I can't be the only nonCanadian to need a phleb while visiting!!! Thanks for any help.