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Polycythemia is a condition in which there is a net increase in the total circulating erythrocyte (red blood cell) mass of the body. Primary polycythemia occurs when excess erythrocytes are produced as a result of a proliferative abnormality of the bone marrow. Secondary polycythemia is caused by increases of erythropoietin that result in an increased production of erythrocytes.

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Metformin and Ginger Root

I stopped taking metformin for a while because it was making me so nauseous. I went to an endocronologist and he wanted me to go back on metformin. Starting me out on 500mg er, also taking 550mg of ginger root. So far so good, no side effects from the metformin :)
Before if I took just 500 mg of metformin I was so sick to my stomach.....Just thought I would share the info. Maybe ginger root could help someone else too??



Pretty excited I am up to 1500 mg of metformin er daily. I am taking 1 tab in the am and 2 tabs at dinner. The ginger root is still helping alot. I take 1 in the am and 1 at dinner.
I have lost 7 pounds in 1 week! :)
Excited to see more results. My doctor wants me on 2000 mg of metformin but he is gradually increasing the dose. Thinking next week I will try to go up to the 2000 mg a day :)

How do you take the ginger root? You may have explained it, and I may be missing it. Did your doctor suggest it?

I have been off and on Metformin for 6 years...and while the drug works wonders for my PCOS, it gives me terrible diahrea, (sorry, but we all know about that), and makes me feel like I want to throw up.

I thought I had it beat this last time when I took half of what the doctor suggested and worked my way up at a slower rate...and I was doing great, until I hit 1000mg.

I see you take one in the am an done in the pm...with meals? Where do you buy it? Is it expensive? I am now intrigued...

Thank you for sharing!!

A friend actually said i should try it because it helps with morning sickness and is safe for pregnant women. I buy it at meijer or walmart and i can't remember how much it costed somewhere between $7-$15.00 for 100 capsules. I eat breakfast and then take 1 capsule of ginger root and metformin. Then at dinner I eat then take 1 capsule of ginger root and metformin. I also take a multivitamin with breakfast. Metformin can deplete vitamin B so I take a multivitamin to help elimnate un-necessary side effects. I have also been drinking lots of water. One thing I read about metformin said that slight dehydration can cause the side effects of metformin to be much worse.
So far I can't handle more than 1500mg of metformin, but thats better than nothing at all :)
I hope it helps you...worse case it is worth a shot. I am on week 2 and so far it is still helping me.

Thanks for getting back to me!

I am willing to try anything! I need to be taking the Metformin, but the side effects are so unbearable that I always give up...which I know isn't good, but who wants to feel like that all the time? Not me.

I am going to look into this...appreciate the info!!

I totally understand....I was in tears when I realized I had to take metformin again...if I find anything else that helps I will make sure to let you know :)

If you need help with weight loss try Adiphex....helped me lose weight once but when I stopped the metformin I gained the weight back. Working on losing the weight again...ugh!

Good luck and don't give up :)

Thanks for the information, and keeping me up to date if you figure anything else out. I will research Adiphex...actually never heard of it before!

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