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A phobia (from the Greek "fear"), is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject. When the fear is beyond one's control, or if the fear is interfering with daily life, then a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders can be made.

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Fear of needles how to stop it?

I have a bad fear of needles i remember being in a room with my brother when we were little and him having an injection then screaming and then i had to have one, after that i remember being led down the road and being very upset and not wanting to go and it taking my mumaes to get me to have it. After then i signed all the forms at school saying that i had had the injections so i didn't hve to have them.

In fact the only tests i have had are when i was preg with my dd and ds. And now i am pregnant again i am worrying about it. Anyone got any recommendations? x



i have been petrified of needles all my life. id cry, scream, throw up, make myself ill with stress and couldnt have them. pass out. it got to the point where if i needed an injection i had to be sedated with gas and air or tablets beforehand. id even missed out on important injections in school as i got so scared, id run off.

now the turning point for me was in december last year. i was admitted into hospital very poorly and had to initially have bloods taken. now i was obviously at that point displaying the above signs. but i ended up being hospitalized for 2 weeks. i just had to get used to the needles as i had so many of them, i had about 12 a day in various parts of the body.

there are a few things that i think helped/help me to cope with them.
-i know where my best veins are for canulas or bloods taken and i show them where i want them to go.
-for needles in other parts of the body (i had to have 3 everynight in stomach for DVT) id suggest the area, it could go anywhere in the stomach or the upper arm, so id pick an area and let them go for it.
-i also cover my face so there is no chance of me seeing the needle which in my case makes me panic more. so i for example pull my jumper over my head.
-i hum a tune. a non specific tune. as the humming causes vibration in the mouth you focus more on that, most of the time its completly random stuff that sounds stupid.

i had an operation 3 months ago, when i had a canula put in my hand, that really hurt. the doctors joked about what i was humming but it kept me quiet and still so they could get on with it. its still very painful there now (in my hand) so if your bothered about it hurting afterwards, id also advised putting witch hazel on a cotton wool ball and taping it overthe area, it brings out swelling and the cooling sensation stops it hurting. if theres anything more i can do feel free to get in touch. and good luck with the pregnancy

carlih I am very simular to you, although I refused blood test when preggers would love to talk about it with you
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