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Dog eating Drywall

Hi Everyone

I have a mini schnauzer/Cairn Terrier and has recently started eating drywall. I saw a documentary about a little girl who died from Lead poisoning from old 1970's dry wall.

This scared me so I went to my vet today and they said new buildings do not have that dangerous Lead issue and that it is a sweet textured kind of joy for the dog so not to worry.

Just wanted to let people know - Old buildings built in the 70's or before can be a concern but current construction is safe.

Very relieved by that. CathyM



Normally the lead was found in the old lead-based paint that was used "back then". I am surprised your vet said not to worry. Eating the drywall is still allowing a foreign body to enter your pet's body. Not to mention any paint, wallpaper, spackle, or anything else on the wall at the time. Oh, and don't forget drywall screws or nails. It would be in your pet's best interest to stop him from eating it. There are a lot better "sweet" treats other then drywall for dogs.
Not to mention, it will also keep ur dog from chewing holes in the wall.

He could be getting a little bored, or starting an obsessive behaviour. Obsessive behaviour is a pain in the neck if you don't nip it in the bud. Keep him occupied with some new toys, and be consistent with reprimands when he chews at the wall. If he persists with this behaviour, you may wish to consult your vet, there are medications that can assist a behaviour change, if all else fails.

I agree that your dog is probably bored. Do you have any ch9ildren in the house that can entertain your dog? Is he getting enough vit/minerals & fiber in his dog food? I change our food once a year but we stick with a Purina brand. Like our cat, our dog has plenty of toys around the house to keep him accupied. We're always stepping on or tripping over them. Then they watch the squirrels, birds, raccons or whatever comes along in our back yard; through the windows.


Yes Otis has lots of toys, balls, squicky toys, electric car, bone, and his ever faithful "bunny and Mr Bear" :) He also has a big window he loves to sit in and watch the birds and other animals and he watches the kids get off the bus. Some of the neighbor kids try and play with him at least once a week and I also try and take him for walks every other day - it is harder in the winter as I'm in a wheelchair but we do go to the mall and he loves to meet and greet the people there. I haven't changed his food but do occasionally give him "wet food" along with his dry food. He gets Nutro Natural Dog food He also gets lots of "treats" that the vet approved for him. The problem is I'm disabled and can't always take him for long walks or to the dog park. Chair keeps braking down. I don't have a car so I have to make due with what I have around my block. He is hardly away from me though. I try hard not to leave him home alone. He goes to work with me and to the stores with me and to the doctors. I think he was eating drywall when I was sick this last year and so he got nervous and scared and ate the dry wall. I covered it up and I've tried to make sure he chases his "remote control car" instead. He smiles a lot so I think he is happy - but he is in need of more play time so I'm looking into changing my second bedroom into a play room for him. and I try and get the kids to play with him at the park as much as possible. He loves the slide. :) Thanks for the support. CathyM and Otis
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