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A group for parents of estranged adult children who are tired of waiting for them to grow up/get real. Comprised of strong, wise survivors, this group is made up of parent who either have walked away or are considering walking away from the disrespectful actions of their abusive adult children. Straight talk, tough stances and the free exchange of ideas/opinions can be found here. Everyone is Welcome!

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  • Hi GuysDon't know how many of you are reading this - sometimes, I feel as if I am throwing these posts into a black hole - thanks to you folks that are replying but this is not the PWWA that used to be. Well guess what? Almost 6 years ago, we started out with a handful of members from PEACE and an empty site. In less than 5 years, our membership had swelled to almost 500 members - about 100...
  • Group Foundertopiarystepmom

    Tandem Site is Up

    For all members of PWWA, please know that we have a tandem site running along with our DS forum. It is located at Everyone is welcome to join us!
  • A tandem group of Parents Who Walk Away is now located at Current members of our group are encouraged to register and of course, anyone else here who is interested in our forum topics is welcome to join.
  • Good morning, I want to ask all of you, can you help me out with something ? I need to be approved for having my 2 little dogs live with me, as I am moving soon. I was told that I need to mention that they provide me with more than emotional support. That I depend on them for other reasons also. I stated psychological benefits, such as feeling calmer and more peaceful... just the word PSYCHO...
  • ldgrimes

    Sandwich Meat

    I am the Daughter/Mother in a Mother/Daughter sandwich.When I was a young girl I hated my mother. I grew up in a highly dysfunctional household where even a basic simple act of inviting a friend over after school was not something that could be done due to the high level of dysfunction my mother operated under. Many times she created the very situations that in turn worked against us as a...
  • SunnyDayz53

    I just don't care

    Today my dad asked me (yet again) to pray for my brother, who is, for lack of better word(s) one big Bermuda mess. After talking/hearing my mother cry, reassuring her that my sibling will be ok and comfort her, she apologizes for crying, I tell her she is a mom who is worried and cares. It dawns on me that quite frankly I don't care about my own EC. I don't ever want to know about...
  • inaheap

    A Parental Duty ?

    Taken from FlyingMonkey denied.There is absolutely nothing noble or “loving” about allowing a toxic adult child to scapegoat and blame you perpetually for their own socially toxic behavior. Abuse of a loving parent by an adult child treating them like a preferred target or scapegoat is truly one of the worst of all human social crimes.All you can do as a healthy parent is make...
  • Okay – This is the absolutely LAST update on those narcissistic friends who pulled the super bowl party caper (among many MANY others) and who have been jerking us around since who knows how long.For those of you who have recently joined us, this story has so many parts, it should have been made into one of those tv series.These “friends” had been hanging around a long time...
  • I've posted many times in this community. I guess what I keep coming down to is this: Should I swallow my pride and put my own morals aside in order to resume a relationship with my 21 year old daughter?I did not allow her to come back two years ago due finding out she was smoking pot and acting out as I had two other children in the house (she was home from college for the summer when...
  • Time and time again, people seeking answers here come with stories of alleged fantastical abuse "remembered" by AC. It is so common a tale. Parents completely blindsided by stories of abuse, neglect and deliberate harm which "the kids" are now claiming. It is actually a phenomenon. Please read the link:"Imagination inflation refers to the...
  • Today only validated my new attitude on friends and friendship. I went into BJ's (a big box store) to pick up some apple turnovers (my husband was looking to have a snack with our coffee)On the way our, I ran into our "friends" - these are the folks I discussed - he had a problem with her cellphone and kept talking about sticking it up his wife's ass at our last dinner at our house. ...
  • Group Foundertopiarystepmom

    Love the Quiet

    Hey guys - just checking in - I love the quiet and assume that it's because everyone is BUSY and PRODUCTIVE!Enjoy!!!!T.K.
  • bella479

    Dirty Laundry ?

    This morning at church my husband started talking to this young woman about her infant old he was, if he was sleeping all night etc She replied no he didn't sleep well at night and she was tired a lot. She married a man from Germany and was currently visiting her parents in AZ....husband didn't come.Anyway she said her husband didn't like it in USA. At which time I...
  • If so on what grounds ?
  • Nightsky3

    The KARMA bus & ES ??

    DH & I were running errands yesterday and decided to stop for dinner. As we were walking toward the door , DH's ex-sister-in-law and her husband come walking out. They were quite anxious to fill us in on the current status of ES. Seems the ex-in-laws and even bio-mommy are no longer enabling ES. Seems they have had it with his "poor me" b.s. - which only took them over a quarter of a...