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A group for parents of estranged adult children who are tired of waiting for them to grow up/get real. Comprised of strong, wise survivors, this group is made up of parent who either have walked away or are considering walking away from the disrespectful actions of their abusive adult children. Straight talk, tough stances and the free exchange of ideas/opinions can be found here. Everyone is Welcome!

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  • Happy

    How to we respond to each other now?

    This is a new format to this group... parents who walk away. How do we communicate with each other on this site now? I am hurting with news I saw today on the internet. Tell me how do we have the group like before this new format here on DS?
  • MiMi4

    Leaving my adult daughter alone

    I posted this in another group.  I just joined today.  Two months ago my daughter, who is 24, and I had an issue and she hasn't spoken with me since.  I have two grandchildren and she promised me that no matter what, she would always allow me visits with them.  However, she has gone back on her word and I haven't seen them for 2+ months, even after repeated requests.  I am heartbroken and...
  • ReLynn

    New to the group

    I just wanted to say hello and I'm really glad I found this group, especially tonight. I'm a mother of 3, a son 23, 2 daughters 22 and 17. It's been a struggle raising them mostly on my own since my oldest was 10. I'm far from perfect and lived in survival mode for many years just working to pay the bills. About 9 years ago my son went off the rails beginning with marijuana and escalating quickly...
  • I've been gone a long time from the forum, looks like a lot of changes happened. Not sure if I like them as I hate change.Update on me: I have been estranged for 3 years now, I had been keeping in contact with my middle child, a daughter, butit seems she has been won over by the evil other two.To make matters worse, I just found out that my grand daughter is about to be put into a potentially...
  • startingover2011


    I don't know if I recently did the right thing, but when DD25 visited last week, I refused to see her. Her father divorced me 9 years ago and she favors him. He has the family, the nicer home and the money to buy her airfare home. I let her know that when she came home that if she wanted to see me, I wanted equal time meaning she divided her time in half between our homes as my DD31 and DD32 did...
  • Deb6

    Hello Ladies

    Hey ya Ladies!Its been some time since I first joined this group, I say may 3 years ago...I was struggleing so hard and u ladies were so kind and gentle with me.I appreciate that soooo much.. once again thank you! so, alot as change since I last posted.things have gotta alot better or I just let go and moved on so the pain wouldnt drag me down.Im going forward. just wanted to pop in say...
  • ginateresa

    I must say.....

    That I don't like the changes that dailystrength has made.  Is there any way to see if anyone else has responded to a post? I'm not familiar with this new site at seems to be the same format that the other forum uses.Help!
  • Group Foundertopiarystepmom

    Love the Quiet

    Hey guys - just checking in - I love the quiet and assume that it's because everyone is BUSY and PRODUCTIVE!Enjoy!!!!T.K.
  • If so on what grounds ?
  • Hi.....I'm reaching out again for support. I think my 16 y/o daughter has NPD. She's been manipulating me for years. I think I'm finally ready to at least admit that she has NPD but I feel guilty that since she left after her last rage (for being caught in yet another lie)....I would rather her not come back. Can anyone relate?? I need some support here....really badly..... I am a single...
  • shelda


    I have been going through the pain of the loss of my children for allmost 5 years now and now that my husband died the pain of loosing my children seems small to me now..and actually i don't care about any of them any more..when i see them i have no motherly feelings as i used to...I dont care if i ever seem any of them again. I am trying to get into me now...i may start going out i never could i...
  • I don't know who is still around on this new site, but here goes:After several years of this estrangement, I finally put an end to it a year and a half ago and told ED no more, enough! (long story, most of it resembles yours ;) )So two days ago DH is watching a Chuck Norris infomercial about the Total Gym and decides he wants a weight bench and free weights. I ask, where to put it, and he says we...
  • Sunshinnyday

    What can I say ( Off Topic)

    Good morning, I want to ask all of you, can you help me out with something ? I need to be approved for having my 2 little dogs live with me, as I am moving soon. I was told that I need to mention that they provide me with more than emotional support. That I depend on them for other reasons also. I stated psychological benefits, such as feeling calmer and more peaceful... just the word PSYCHO...
  • ldgrimes

    Sandwich Meat

    I am the Daughter/Mother in a Mother/Daughter sandwich.When I was a young girl I hated my mother. I grew up in a highly dysfunctional household where even a basic simple act of inviting a friend over after school was not something that could be done due to the high level of dysfunction my mother operated under. Many times she created the very situations that in turn worked against us as a...
  • SunnyDayz53

    I just don't care

    Today my dad asked me (yet again) to pray for my brother, who is, for lack of better word(s) one big Bermuda mess. After talking/hearing my mother cry, reassuring her that my sibling will be ok and comfort her, she apologizes for crying, I tell her she is a mom who is worried and cares. It dawns on me that quite frankly I don't care about my own EC. I don't ever want to know about them and if...