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4 year old twitches in his sleep..

My four year old has been twicthing in his sleep like every part of his body not all at once but like his hand then head then leg and so on then tonight i noticed his left hand was closed and i tried to open it and it kept closing back up after i opened it, then it relaxed after a few minutes, the twitching has been going on for a while now i am going to call doc tomorrow just wondering if anyone knows what this could be. i am getting worried.



It could just be dreams...

Or, what are you feeding him/giving him to drink before bed? I know that if my son had anything with high sugar content in it like juice before bed he would twitch some. Dont know why really, but maybe just a slight sugar "high" ya know.

But I really just think it's dreams, if he's not convulsing. If you think he is, I'd call the doc. But if it's just slight, I wouldn't be too worried, my husband twitches all the time in his sleep and he's perfectly healthy. And my 4 year old too twitches sometimes, he also grinds his teeth. We will have to get him a mouth guard when his permanent teeth come in because they don't give them to younger children because of the choking in their sleep issue. Check for grinding, could have a link to twitching. That's just really my own opinion no medical advice involved. But I have noticed when he is grinding his teeth he is also twitching like he's about to wake up but doesn't and stops.

My husband twitches in his sleep too - and he says I do too, but I don't know because I'm asleep! ha! Neither of us have any neurological problems or anything, so I'm thinking it is normal. I've seen my girls do this too, but not all the time. As wife2him said, as long as it doesn't appear to be convulsive or seizer-like I doubt there is anything to worry about. If it will set your mind at ease to get a medical opinion - definitely do! As I've always said : I would rather make an unnecessary dr visit or call then to not contact them when I should.
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