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Talking Back/Sassy 5 year old

My 5 year old son is very sassy and has a major attitude when things don't go his way. I have tried the time out route, "go to your room", take away somehting he enjoys. I always talk with him afterwards and explain that he can get his point across by just talking and expressing his views and concerns. So far, no luck. He is the oldest of 3 boys and was never really an only child because his brother came along when he was just 12 months old. Althought this is normal for his age, after 6 months, I see it getting worse instead of better. Any ideas?



My almost 5 year old is becoming quite sassy too. I recently read (and am still practicing) the book: 1-2-3 Magic (effective discipline for children). And I have to say, so far, it's been working quite well. My husband and I need to work a bit more insync and consistently but I'm already seeing a difference.

If my son is sassy, I tell him, that is not okay to talk to me that way. And if he's asking for something, I will in no means give it to him with a sassy tone. If he continues, I will use time outs and sometimes I will have to take a TV show away from him (or something he really loves).
But I also know that if react in an emotional way... they win. They want you to react. So, the calmer you stay, the less likely they'll continue with the sass.
Good luck!

My son just turned 5 too and is very sassy. We have explained to him that when he talkes to people this way it hurts thier feelings. We have a "time-out" corner, if he is sassy he gets a time out, I explain to him what he did and that it is not acceptable, he sits there for 5 min. and then I explain again (quickly) what he did and that it was not acceptable. It seems to be working slowly but surely. Too much sass and he looses "privlages", could be a story at story time (we read three books every night before bed) or a movie at movie time. Works like a charm, he has to earn back what ever privlage he lost the fallowing day by using nice words and acting nice. (with a little room for mistakes) I also remind him of his peace pledge from pre-school.

Peace Pledge

I promise to be a peaceful person.
I will not fight or call names.
I will be kind and caring.
I will not hurt anyone on the inside or the outside.
My promise will make the world a happier place.

Keep working at it and all will be well.
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