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Chronic pancreatitis can present as episodes of acute inflammation in a previously injured pancreas, or as chronic damage with persistent pain or malabsorption. Patients with chronic pancreatitis can present with persistent abdominal pain or steatorrhea, as well as severe nausea. Some patients with chronic pancreatitis often look very sick, while others don't appear to be unhealthy at all.

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Response Back Re: TP-AIT

There is hope!! Info below is for others looking into TP-AIT as well.

Hi diane thank you for your interest. Glancing at your history, I do think that you may be a candidate for tp-ait.the one issue is obviously that your heart is ok (I presume it is since you had recent stenting and thus the coronary disease is treated)

I will cc my colleague Dr. Harris who is also involved in our islet autotxp program and performs the pancreatectomies.

Take care, andy

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Great to hear! So did you have to be diagnosed with pancreatitis with ercp or anything like that first before they would try the surgery?

I saw your post on FB! I am so happy for you that you got a positive response! I am praying for you. I hope that this has lifted your spirits hon! With the right medical team behind you, i think you will do well. You are a fighter and you are a very sweet and smart lady.

Yay!!! I hope this works out and is the answer for you. I will be praying :o)
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