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Ovarian cancer is a malignant ovarian neoplasm (an abnormal growth located on the ovaries). It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women and the exact cause is unknown. Join this community to get support if you or someone you know is affected by ovarian cancer. Share your story and learn from the experiences of others.

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new to this found out in sept i have stage 3c ovarian cancer. have no job no insurance and am waiting for tenncare to approve me so i can get 2nd treatment. im 52 and worked 27 yrs and in 2004 lost it all, will keep in contact will this group when i am more comfortable



Hey Trudging. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and your situation with your job and insurance. I hope your tenncare gets approved soon so you can get going on your treatments again! This group is a wonderful place to come for help, advice, friendship, comfort. I hope you can keep us posted on your progress. Hugs and well wishes in your treatment.

I too found in September 2011 that I had ovarian cancer stage IIIb.

I am sorry to hear you have all the added stress. Please find any group anywhere near you that can help you or direct you to help. I am also alone but do have a son who lives in a nearby town. I do have insurance since I am seventy and would understand your terror without it. But that is what medicaid is for. You have paid your dues. Don't think beyond a week at a time. Just find comfort and any other help. Church Groups, people who you worked with, old friends. I don't know if you qualify at 52 as a senior in your community, but maybe. I am finding that looking for help and not looking ahead more than a week is helping me the most.

I will keep you in my heart.

I too have 3c ovarian cancer. I just finished chemo and I am going on the belief that I am cured. :-)

This is such a scary thing. Especially if you look online - there are some scary statistics. So if you search online for stuff be sure to search for success stories!

Like someone else said, check your community for groups that can help you. Your doc's facilities where you go for chemo should have a social worker who can find help in any area you need.

I will pray for you that you have successful treatment and are able to find the aide that you need!!
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