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Ovarian cancer is a malignant ovarian neoplasm (an abnormal growth located on the ovaries). It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women and the exact cause is unknown. Join this community to get support if you or someone you know is affected by ovarian cancer. Share your story and learn from the experiences of others.

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not sure whats wrong ???

Hello everyone
,I am from Canada and turned 35 yrs old On march 24. It's has been over 2 months with symptoms and I am still not sure what is wrong with me. I am so afraid that my doctors know I have late stage OC and that I am to far gone so they are delaying telling. It has been a nightmare for me and my family. Here is my story

On march 10 I was having a pressure burning in my girl parts. Thought I was having a another UTI and treated myself with Macrobid *? I have for treating myself cause I was getting them often. After 7 days on this I was still having symptoms and thought maybe it was a yeast infection ( which I have never had before) so went to the pharamcist she said didn't sound like thats what i had and to go to my Dr.
So the next day off i went to the Dr.I couldn't get into my regular dr but saw another. I gave a urine sample and the Dr. put his hand on his head and said...here I think this will work for that , as he handed me a precition for Cipro. Then said if your not feeling any better in4/5 days come back. The next day I ended up in the ER after spending the day driving in a car. I was in pain on my lower right side. Pressure in bladder, rectum and hip. They said I had a yeast infection and that my urine was clear and to wait for the Cipro to work.
Well 4 days later still no better and went back to Dr. on March 21st. This time Dr said urine was fine, i would still have symptoms,not to drink so much cranberry juice and come back in two weeks. This was My regular Dr and she couldn't get me out of her office fast enough. That was the last time I went to her. One week later still with symptoms of bloating, pressure and all over icky I went to my husbands Dr. He examimed my abdomen and sent me for blood work and urine and prego test. Next day he said blood and urine work was clear and not prego. Next was Xray and pelvic exam.
the next day I went for my xray's . 2 days later was pelvic. On the pelvic exam he told me i had alot of discharge and gave me Flagyl. When I ask him if he felt anything that would concern him about ovarian cancer he shook his head no and then said it would have to be awfully small. My husband came in the office with me so he could hear what the Dr had to say.I told him I was on the pill and was worried because I have and had alot of OC symptoms over the last few months. He went on to talk about us having kids in the future and everthing.
A day later When I went back for the xray results he said my chest xray was clear but that the spine showed tiny miraginals of oesteoarthitis . and He sent me home with Prioxcam for 7 days.
My story is too long to write all I have been through the last 2 months so here is a few more events short hand.:
After many trips back to the Dr. and so much stress and bad anxeity he gave me a mild sleeping pill and am now on teva alprazolam .25, had another trip to the ER one weekend with urine test showed bacteria again treated with antibiotics and the ER did an ultrasound but only on my upper right side , said things looked fine.When I ask the ER Dr to look at my pelvis with the ultrasound he said No he couldn't do that in the ER ??? WHAT .Now My Dr got me an ultrasound for pelvic, renal, blabber but I have been waiting over a month and finally go this Friday May 27th.

I am not feeling well at all and here is where I am at now and these are and have been my symptoms along...

Lower right ab fullness,hip burning, Bloating, I am taking Advil 2 every 6hrs. I find sitting uncomfortable , and hurt after getting up moving around. Always feel best in the morning or after a nap. IBS symptoms daily, not passing much rectal gas,pale skin,leg pain.Urine is dark then clear, sometimes I have to go often then sometimes I hardly go at all. Vaginal discharge like egg whites.
I am so sick and tired of begin sick and tired...
I am only 35 and I feel like the Doctors have been lying to me all along. I don't think the are telling the truth. I am very good at reading people and I just know that something is going on... I think something is showing up in my urine , blood and xray test... I cry myself to sleep every night and waking up is worse...it's like a night mare but then you wake up and it true !!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband goes to every app with me and hears the Dr that this test is good and that test is good but then see's me in pain . He don't think the Dr is lying to me but I do. .........................I don't know what will happen when we get the results of this ultrasound but I have a very bad feeling about.............thanks for listening



Have you had a transvaginal ultrasound and the CA-125 Blood test?

No I have not !!!!! My ultrasound on friday is Pelvic,bladder, renal

I asked my Dr in April about CA-125 but he said it could give us false negaitve . I am so scared that I let myself go. I had symptoms for so long that I never thought was anything wrong . Over the past year I gained wait ,had IBS symptoms and had discomfort after eating meals and sitting. I am so upset with myself . I feel like things aren't happening fast enough an am I doing enough.

The three tests that help identify the possibility of ovarian cancer are the transvaginal ultrasound, the CA 125, and an abdominal CT scan. A biopsy of suspecious tissue is the only way to absolutely confirm ovarian cancer. In my case, the doctor felt an abdominal mass and ordered the CT first. It was very suggestive of ovarian cancer and I ended up with having stage IIIC disease. The CA 125 does give a lot of false positives especially if the numbers are high but not that high and it may likely be that yours could now be elevated because of the inflamation in your body from other things.

Can you try calling your doctor (or nurse) stating that you are concerned about ovarian cancer and would like the tests that we have suggested? Having said all this, ovarian cancer is relatively rare and it may be that your symptoms are from something else. Best wishes, Janet

I am going to go ahead with the pelvic ultrasound on friday and see what the results say. I am worried if I ask for it to be changed now I may have to wait another month. This has already happen to me bc I was originaly set up for renal,liver gallblabber from the ER Dr and my family doc changed it to this one. So maybe he thinks it's my kindey ??
I am not sure how long it will take to get back my results from this but I will be asking my doc for the CA-125 blood test when I go back for my results.
Here are a couple question I have been wondering about???

wondered if anyone else finds driving in a car very uncomfortable.?? and if so why
Does anyone feel there bloating goes down a bit or has less pressure after sleeping at night or laying down ?
thanks for your replies they mean a lot to me now as I feel so alone with this. THANK YOU

Your pain may be due to not being able to pass gas or have a bowel movement. I know that worrying gets me all worked up and I see/feel the symptoms. Egg white discharge and stringy is ovulation. I am 39 and just found out that I am in perimenopause. I have severe pain in my left side and was afraid of ovarian cancer, but could be that it's when the egg moves. I don't know. I have had cervical dysplasia really bad..but that was found during a pap. An internal ultrasound ...or even external would be able to tell if something is wrong. You are getting all the right tests done. It's very easy to get scared, I know.
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