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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric disorder, more specifically, an anxiety disorder. OCD is manifested in a variety of forms, but is most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive (repetitive, distressing, intrusive) thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or rituals) which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

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starting seroquel need advice

so I am starting seroquel, I have read up on it, my doctor prescribed it to me for the intrusive thoughts. I have been on several different medications now and I feel like I am running out of options (although my psychiatrist assured me im not) I was wanting to know if anyone is or has taken seroquel and if it worked for them for their OCD?



I just started Seroquel as well, but as a combo w/ what I'm on. I was on the highest dosage of Luvox for 8 years and was doing great. However, lately I've been doing terrible and miserable, I feel like my OCD "what if" questions have changed and I don't know how to answer them.

Before, I would think "what if I wanted to do something (hurt someone, break up, etc) and I may obsess but I knew it wasn't true, of course I didn't want to do those things, and would stop obsessing. Now my questions are this "I know I don't want to do these things, but if I did, what would I do so I wouldn't want to do it?" and how the heck do you answer something that you don't want to do or that you would never do in the first place? I feel like I'm trying to answer an unsolveable question. Like my mind needs an answer to these things before it will rest.

Back to Seroquel, the first time I took it, it knocked me out, (expect that), and I only have the 50 mg pills. The second pill calmed my thoughts, the 3rd and 4th did nothing. I have taken 1 pill a day for 4 days.

Also, I'm weening off the Luvox and starting the Anafranil. My doc said to just take the Seroquel on a need be basis. I think I'll stop taking it for right now as I am down to 6 pills and it is expensive, and use it only in my worst moments.

Luckly, sleep has never been a real issue for me, so the calming effects of Seroquel really need not apply to me.

I just wish I could stop trying to solve/answer these impossible "what if" questions. I know I am fighting my thoughts and not accepting them, I need help!!

Good luck!!

thank you xanth for your advice. I am also on Luvox and I have just started the highest dose (300mg). I am taking the seroquel XR and I took my first dose last night and I am still feeling sleepy, I did expect to though being it is an antipsychotic. The intrusive thoughts in our heads are not unsolvable they are just thoughts and there really is no need to solve them, because we all ready know where they come from (the OCD). all the what if's what if I did's what if I will's are just thoughts and they are involuntary and we have to tell ourselves this and I pray that it will all go away. I know OCD is not cureable yet, but it is treatable we just have to find what works best for us (which I am still doing). I hope this helps, take care and be strong!

i've been on seroquel for a few months. ive tried lexapro, made me crazy and offered no relief at all. im also on lamictal and effexor for bipolar disorder, but i have noticed a little relief in my anxiety. i used to have it so bad i couldnt go out, or talk to people, or carry on anything in a typical day. now i can handle most situations, im not sure if thats totally due to the seroquel but my doc did say that it's being used as one of the top anxiety medications. i'd give it a chance, i think it'll help out. xx

oh - and about intrusive thoughts - i used to have pretty intense and horrible hallucinations everyday, and due to seroquel they are 100% cured. i know it's seroquel for a fact because i started the others after the hallucinations had subsided, so good luck!

Thanks for the advice, I really hate seeing people suffer w/ this and am gaining a new understanding of this terrible disorder having relapsed so to speak.

It really bugs me that I have been doing good for 13 yrs w/ the occasional slip-up. 2-3 times a year lasting a week at the most. Usually during really stressful situations, I would fire off all kinds of "what if" questions, but now I'm just stuck in this cycle.

I keep a journal which is filled up from just 2 weeks of obsessing. I know that is my way to cope w/ the thoughts and really is just feeding the OCD - trying to solve the problem is the mental compulsion.

However, I do like to look at my notes from years ago to see that, I did have this exact same problem and I was able to get past it. The funny thing is, w/out even looking I can tell you how I got past them all. I left it alone, I didn't try to make the obsessions go away, I accepted the thoughts as not true and it went away.

However, not all my obsessions are like that. The one that started my OCD happened back in 95 and for a yr I tried to answer this question "what would I do if I was down/depressed" I just wanted to know the answer.

Now I wasn't even depressed, but after obsessing like crazy on it, it did drive me crazy. It ruined my life. My girl friend at the time dumped me and I basically just gave up trying to do anything. The funny thing is, me giving up was the best thing I could've done. I just stopped trying to figure anything out, I figured that's it I'm done w/ everything.

Eventually, I noticed when I was trying to answer that question "what do I do if I'm down" it goes away on it's own. Depression is just a symptom and a common one at that of OCD and goes away if left alone. Obviously if there is a bigger issue that has to be delt w/ as well, but for me, I was upset due to my obsessing.

I'm doing that exact same thing now, I tend to get upset about something (in this case obsessing) and then I worry that I might get like I did in 95 and start that cycle again. Which is exactly what I'm back in. I'm trying to just leave it alone and let it go away on it's own but it is so DAMN HARD!!

Who wants to accept things they hate and that scare them so much. I guess I'm not accepting it if I'm still scared, because I thought acceptance got rid of the fear and w/ fear gone only time is needed to get rid of memory.

I know I am still fighting things.

On a side note, I took my first Anafanril last night and did ok, it takes about a 1/2 hour for the meds to kick in, I took it at 10 pm and was out by 11.

I woke up ok but then hit a wall around 10 am and was really tired, almost zombie like, you could see how tired I was in my eyes, an hour after that is when the obsessing really started to come back.

I sure hope we all can get past this for ourselves and our loved ones, I really want to get back to enjoying my wife and our 2 young boys, they are my life, and when I'm not obsessing it is the greatest feeling in the world!!

Hey Krystle! My sister has had OCD since as long as I can remember. She started seroquel about a couple months ago, so I would encourage you to talk to her! She has a support group on www.beetlemed.com (under OCD). She's excellent at advice and is a great counselor, especially about this subject. I hope it helps!
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