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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric disorder, more specifically, an anxiety disorder. OCD is manifested in a variety of forms, but is most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive (repetitive, distressing, intrusive) thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or rituals) which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

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I am going to be applying for SSD again after being denied because my OCD and anxiety keeps me from holding a job. But, my step dad who works in the mental health field told me that OCD is not an axis 1 diagnosis and I probably won't get it. Instead he said I should go the route of applying by using my bi-polar diagnosis. I feel the bi-polar and OCD feed off of each other especially when I have what I have so lovingly dubbed "meltdowns", but I think it is wrong that people cannot get disability for OCD. Do these government people have any idea how dibilitating (sp?) OCD can be? What are your thoughts?




I would apply again. Plus, there are lawyers on TV all day saying if your denied to call them. I have phone # to a firm that calls itself "the disability law network". They DO NOT charge. They get their $$ from back benefits. All regulated by fed govt.

I would be honest when applying and let them know you have BOTH OCD and bi-polar. Can only help you. I know plenty of OCDers and other mentally ill people on SSDI and SSI. I think you are only 23 so you can not get SSDI. You have to work 40 quarters (10 years)to get SSDI (comes with medicare). But, you could apply for SSI (supplemental secuirty income). You can get medicaid with SSI.

My older sister is a social worker in your state and she tells me how hard it is for people to get SSDI. I know that in 1992 there were FOUR million americans on disability and just a few years ago it was up to 8-9 million. So, doubled in about 15 years. Also, a right wing radio guy out of Boston read a Globe article that said only ONE out of every FIVE HUNDRED people go OFF of disability. Embarrassing! He was laughing because he is against SSDI/SSI. Thinks people are fakers and seems to not believe in mental illness. He is nutty.

Again, maybe call a law firm. Many will take your case for FREE. Their take will be if you win, they get a percentage of your back benefits. Costs you nothing if lose.

I am not an expert on disability and do not know what your stepdad is talking about (axis 1 diagnosis?). I do know that I am right about the following: can not file for or get disability until SIX months after stopped working, must work a total of 10 years to get SSDI (not consecutive, that is why call it "40 quarters) and obviously have to apply and be approved for it and might be checked on every three years depending on severity of disability. SSI can be had by anyone no matter how little they worked.

SSDI = Social security disability income

Both SSI and SSDI are federal, not state, programs.

Good luck and keep trying.


SSDI is VERY difficult to get. I applied for it about a year ago after coming out of the hospital and losing my job due to panic disorder. I have panic disorder, OCD, depression, and was highly agoraphobic around this time, and they wouldn't give me anything. The paperwork that they require you to fill out just to deny you is ridiculous.

Actually, OCD is an Axis I disorder (not an Axis II disorder); however, Bi-Polar is also an Axis I. Personality Disorders fall into the Axis II subtypes. True though, you would be better off with SSID to apply using the BiPolar disorder as your primary. There is a list that SS uses to determine eligibility and BiPolar is a more recognized mental disability that "impedes one's ability to perform daily work activities." Yes, yes, I know that OCD plays havoc just the same; but, the gov. does not look at it the same. Good Luck to you!
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