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Does anyone itch when you lose weight?

I find that as I start to lose weight, I itch terribly in the areas I'm losing weight. Is that something anyone else has experienced? It's usually the 1st sign I have of weightloss, and it isn't pleasant. Replies PLEASE



That has not happened to me in the past. I get itchy, but never thought about it being related to that!

Hhhmmmm....I don't know....haven't lost enough weight yet to tell. I wonder if it has something to do with our skin shrinking back down. Kind of like when you're pregnant and your belly itches really bad as it stretches out.

Your body holds a lot of toxins in fat cells. Used to be when there were fewer controls on pesticides, people who lost a great deal of weight very quickly would become ill because they could not eliminate pesticide and other toxins quickly enough as their fat cells broke down. Some people experienced nerve damage, rashes, liver damage, etc. Probably you are experiencing a mild form of this? Just means you are succeeding, and that your body is cleansing itself of accumulated stuff that shouldn't be there, maybe. I love and adore benadryl gel. I am the itchiest human being on the face of this planet and can't sleep without marinating in the stuff. Take care!
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