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type of diet or foods to help ease the suffering??

Does anyone have any suggestions for aiding the diet for neuropathy people?



Control sugar levels and carbs
Avoid starchy vegetables and breads -(which turn to sugar)
Avoid high sugar fruits - pineapple
Avoid high-sodium diets, CANNED or packaged foods, meats, soups and vegetables
Avoid salty snack foods
Avoid ice COLD beverages or cold foods
Stop smoking and limit alcohol

Eat foods that are...
Low fat dairy - cheese milk yogurt, low fat salad dressings, cooking sprays, lean meats - bake, grill roast or boil - never fry.

Try and stay indoors during cold days and dress warm, nerve damage does not like the contrasting temperatures between indoors and out.
When handling frozen items wear gloves.

Why not cold drinks? I'm inlove with them do to Sjogrens Syndrome.
I agree petitep.
Avoid starches in general.
White potatoes, white rice, white people? nah, just don't eat them.
Sodium makes ya swell and that's great for floating in the pool, not so cool for pain controll.

A are you trying to say something like get them fresh veggi's, fruits (low in natural sugar main if you got the big D).

Petitep, do ya think it's different if ya don't have the big D?
My feet love the winter ground and ice packs. My pain is reduced by ice packs.

I'm not sure which page I found the information on, I did a key word search under google: foods to avoid with Neuropathy. I did a search under the general term of Neuropathy, not the conditions that cause it.

This may also be determined how progressed your neuropathy is, or what kind you have. I don't know.
I do know that early on, I enjoyed walking on the icy cold sidewalk in fall or early winter, I can do that at times and as painful as it is, it can help, other instances I can no longer tolerate cold. The contrasting temperatures is not good, for instance... when I pick up items out of the freezer I always have to find a pair of gloves. When my hands feel raw, I at times wear gloves indoors now. But with all of this, cold drinks is a separate issue. Even though I looked it up online and found it there, I personally prefer drinks that have been out of the refrigerator for at least a half hour to hour.

I'm going to be introducing this site to my medical office, at my next appointment. If others can do the same maybe we can get a professional in the medical field, to comment on some of these topics.

*Thanks everyone for your advice on this diet issue.........I already avoid many of the foods that yous have mentioned......I have omitted all dairy products completely because of lactose issues & GI problems......I avoid all red meats & only have a glass of red wine periodically (because of the antioxidant properties....supposed to be very beneficial)......I avoid all white products.....(never thought that white people might be a culprit though it is kinda funny you mentioned that Animalhead!!!!!!!) LMAO LOL HAHAHA
*Any thoughts or comments about vitamins or mineral supplements?????

I only drank room temp fluids until recently. All of my upper teeth have root cannals and full caps. On the lower jaw I have 5 root canals and one more to go along with 6 full caps.

Now, I can enjoy cold and warm or hot to the touch foods. I'm still limited with spicey foods due to not producing enough saliva.

Hi BrandonGirl,
Yep, I sure do have some data on meds and supplements. In this post I do not speak to the eye drops. Although, I do use Saline to rinse my eyes because it is the same consistancy as our eye solution and body fluids. That means it will not burn in the eyes or on an open wound.

Severe dryness is very painful.
There are 2 meds that can help you a lot.
Pilocarpine, the generic is Salagen.
Evoxac, the generic is Cevimeline.

Both of the above meds assist with secretions especially oral secretions.

I take a host of supplements that helps me to be much less dry.
I need both the med and supplements.
***Hard sugarless candy or a cherry pit helps produce saliva.
These supplements are so important and you will come to understand this when water isn't enough and your bowels are so dry they become super slow and painful. You can become impacted even if you are an active person with exercise in your life and with fruits and veggies too. Still this was my experience. The impaction was something I'm not interested in re-experiencing. Since I have a lot of medical data, I knew what it was and how to take care of it. I liked this better than giving someone else my buns.

Omega 3's
Fish oil (secretions)
Flaxseed (secretions)
Vitamin E
Lecithin (This seems to help me not swell and my bowels are much better with it.)
Niacin non-flushing
Vit D (bones)
Gelatin (hair and nails)
Calcium magnesium w/ zinc (Bones)
Beta carotene (Helps with intestines)
Swansons Antimicrobiotic (Helps prevent infections and yeast over growth.)
Cranberry capsules or caplets (prevents and ends bladder infections by disallowing the bacteria to adhere to the bladder walls.)

Spring Valley is the company from Wal Mart because theres
Artificial coloring and stuff like that.

Even though flaxseed and Vitamin K products and vitamins are good for you... IF you have a stroke history, PLEASE BE CAREFUL with the following... Flaxseed, Vitamin K (which is dark green leafy vegetables, olives and vitamins that have dark greens added which will contain Vitamin K) Ask your physician and/or the clinic that regulates your INR / coumadin levels.

I was advised by my medical team not to eat those items unless you are already regulated on such as part of your everyday diet and regulated when you started coumadin. These foods will make your INR levels jump all over. For a vitamin, it's best to take a children's vitamin without Vitamin K. In addition, the ensure vitamin drinks, those too have vitamin K, which all of this is good in moderation. But because I'm a high risk stroke patient and no longer need to be on coumadin it is always wise to which food groups are high-risk for clotting.

If you are a high risk or have a high risk family history of stroke or heart problems, even though this is not neuropathy related, you should take a baby aspirin each day to prevent or reduce the risk of stroke and/or heart attack.

I eat Salmon, Tilapia, Orange Ruffy, Flounder and Shrimp. Sometimes I eat lean ground turkey, chicken, pork and less often is cow meat. Eating fish is great for cholesteral and the brain.

I eat dark veggies.
Yams, broccolli, acorn squash, spinach, peas, tomato stuff like this and more.

I eat pinklady apples, grannysmith apples, strawberries, cantelpe, cherries, blueberries in my cereal, oranges, banana, peaches, mango, appercots, pears, nectarines (not the white nectarines), small amounts of grapes.

I avoid breads, white potato, white rice and stuff like that.

I like cereals with fruit and some type of nut. Right now I have a high fiber cereal with pecans and blue berrries.

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Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated helps with migraine control, balance and autonomic issues...
I don't drink very many carbonated drinks that have caffeine
Eating a lot of smaller meals works better than large meals
Avoiding big contrast in temperatures
Being lactose sensitive, I don't eat a lot of dairy
Acidic foods such as lemons, tomato juice
Tomato juice (high levels of Vitamin K) is an instant migraine starter for me

Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated helps with migraine control, pain levels, balance and autonomic issues...
I don't drink very many carbonated drinks that have caffeine
Eating a lot of smaller meals works better than large meals
Avoiding big contrast in temperatures
Being lactose sensitive, I don't eat a lot of dairy
Acidic foods such as lemons, tomato juice
Tomato juice (high levels of Vitamin K) is an instant migraine starter for me
Keeping your skin from being dry or feet from being scaly makes a huge difference.

Since SUGARS cause a lot of burning in my feet, I went on a hunt for a syrup that I like.
This is sugar free, gluten free and butter flavored.
I buy this at Winco.

Maple Grove Farms (brand)
sugar free (sweetened with splenda)
Butter flavored and on the back it says gluten free.

Gluten is inflammatory.
Since I've become gluten, sugar and dairy free, my pain levels have greatly reduced.
My moods are much more stable.
I suppose less pain helps with ones mood.
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